2. sets the color of the ads based on the site’s users.

Keywords optimization promotion Taobao

, this is a website for women fashion white-collar, mainly introduce all kinds of fashion consumer goods information. The publisher based on female white-collar tastes and aesthetic analysis, bold use of pink advertising background, red advertising text, this thick female collocation, make the advertisement is full of fashionable breath, formed a relatively strong reading area, obtained very good advertising effect.

what kind of website is the weight of relatively high site, not the home page sh419 snapshot time more than 3 days, the number of articles updated daily check there, the search engine released the same day is timely included, sh419 view web site exposure number, with the chain YAHOO check website about how much of the comprehensive method and so on analysis. If the above points, your site is well constructed, then this site will have a certain weight. The method of improving website weight basically is content insists to be updated, build certain high quality outside catenary.

advertising colors can not be set to the heart, but need to understand and analyze the layout of the site, web content, website users and other factors based on targeted settings. You can combine the following two cases for a more specific understanding.

first: build a high weight shopping guide website

a large volume of tens of millions of commodities, commodity competition often is the biggest, you can ask those who earn 405 per day by Taobao customers who ask their website how much traffic one day, their answer will certainly frighten you, one day 10 IP can bring them 4 orders and because it is weight loss products, commission generally in more than 100 blocks / single, 10 IP earned $400, say, 100 IP could bring them 40 orders is equivalent to 4000 dollars, according to the shape of count down, they do Taobao off 10 thousand month is very easy experience, webmaster SEO technology which is also reflected in each Taobao guest website, I is the choice of brand promotion, I made 10 TV brand merchandise, promotion now up 3 brands, 4, continue to work in the other.

In fact, Taobao

advertising color is a creative element in advertising optimization. The shlf1314 AdSense account provides not only a palette for you to choose from, but you can also customize the color of the ad.

1. sets the color of the ads based on the elements of the page.

facts tell you all. Here’s my www.dg008.net for the Taobao shopping guide website this month:

second: create promotional product category column

more than two cases can be seen, the layout of the site, content, readers and other factors to grasp and analyze the more comprehensive and in-depth, in advertising colors will be more targeted and more creative. By combining color with the content of the page to better integrate, it will bring you a very impressive advertising results.


well, I’ll write it here today. I hope you can give some advice

third: choose relatively high volume of goods

guest website is very profitable, the key is to see how the webmaster to use, I also like everyone, do is to lose weight and breast, because of its high commission ah, so many people would N brains to compete, really too big, there is no perfect content construction update only rely on the support of the chain ranking is not stable, so I start from improving the website weights, in order to build a high weight website for the purpose of various types of goods one by one by one, although the time consumption of such a long time, but it can make the site stable growth, natural income is relatively stable. The following I do Taobao guest website experience and share with you:

, this is a website that provides product information. The color elements of the web are mainly blue and gray. The title is blue, and the introduction is gray. In the advertisement configuration, the website skillfully uses the color matching method of the webpage text, and also adopts the blue and grey collocation, so that the advertisement and the webpage are perfectly fused together.

column far more difficult than the optimization of the home page, so we should establish a promotion before the high weight website to promote the program, but the program to keyword promotion to sh419 ranking in front of the chain need to support a strong and stable increase in the contents of our column directory can bind the two domain names, this included the promotion of faster.

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