around the countdown function, the page is very simple. Up and down the two parts: the upper part is the application home background map, you can customize. The top left corner is the administration button, which can edit and delete specific items. The upper right corner is the Add button; the lower part is the list of events, and each item can be added to the memo by voice. You can categorize the items according to the existing categories in the application, or you can customize the add categories. Separate background pictures can be set for each item. Important matters can be top to the upper half part becomes the background map applications.

, everybody:


if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

Zhu Yuxuan on innovation China NEXT products show

, another founder of the 2013 90 venture team, took part in the Demo China show on the Internet, and Zhang Linxuan, its founder, published an article for it. It was this article that caught Zhu Yuxuan’s attention, and he left a message for Zhang Linxuan under micro-blog in this article. Start the interaction is not pleasant, some Dalei feeling, who also refused to accept anyone, but is the professional "fighting". Then, two people Out of blows friendship grows, hit the point Freemasonry meaning, Zhu Yuxuan joined in the chat network.

, a small tool for everyday tools, has a strong emotional name, Dreamdays, which is simple and UI designed to be very small and clean.

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is talking on the web, and Zhu Yuxuan knows the UI designer in chat. The latter was in the chat network co-founder Xu Dechen classmate, previously studied in Canada, and later was Xu Dechen into chat, and now in the United States as a senior designer of Flickr. Dreamdays’s initial development took place in a part time state, and it was designed by him.

more League information goes on:

in short, the function of this product is very contrary to it, simple to single. The product was designed by Zhu Yuxuan, the founder of the project, who used to be the product manager of 360. This 90 after the young man, in fact, and Demo China also quite origin.

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Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

release: 2008-2-26


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Dreamdays text is in English, from the introduction to the present, has been aimed at developed markets in Europe and America, and even at the beginning of time, shielding the Chinese users. The small team can complete the upgrade iteration of the product in an average of one month. At present, Dreamdays has about 3000000 overseas users, accounting for about 40% of the users from the United states. It’s been on for 17 months now


first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


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