Gao Rong capital founding partner Chang Chen said, "the high dollar fund for institutional investors III Fuzhou people $350 million Main Fund the main fund from the beginning of January of this year officially launched the fund-raising is completed, contains the Spring Festival holiday, after only a month." In March 31st, the $50 million fund for the management team and entrepreneur of the banyan complex III $Side Fund sub Fund was also successfully completed.



in addition, Gao Rong has also released 3 year transcripts. Gao Rong capital said that as of now, more than 1 billion U.S. dollars invested enterprises valuation, reaching 8. A successful exit has been achieved on 7 projects, including 1 gem IPO and 6 mergers and acquisitions. In addition, there are 7 Gao Rong has been invested enterprises have completed three new board listing.


Gao Rong said that the present banyan Growth Fund was the third renminbi fund managed by banyan capital. Many large enterprises in the Internet and traditional industries, as well as the top domestic financial institutions, have become the new investors of the banyan fund.

technology news April 6th morning news, Gao Rong capital today announced the completion of a total of two new funds amounting to more than 5 billion yuan to raise, respectively, Gao Rong capital fund and RMB $III growth fund. The overall fund size of the 7 funds managed by Gao Rong is equivalent to about 11 billion yuan or about $1 billion 600 million.


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from left to right: Gao Rong, capital founding partner, Chang Chen, Gao Xiang, Yue Bin,

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Gao Rong said, will continue to invest in China’s TMT field early and growth projects. The main areas of concern are: artificial intelligence, Internet plus Internet industry, business services, cultural entertainment and consumption upgrade.

by the high number of start-up companies led Rong investment has grown as their leader in the industry, such as: the music of the heart leading intelligent wearable medical equipment company, has been in the gem IPO, stock code: 300562, financial leading Consumer Finance Companies, has been listed company acquisition, HOMA of China millet bracelet, fight a lot, babe network, Avazu financial, aika second-hand car more than 450 million users worldwide, part of the business has been listed company God interactive acquisition, Testin cloud measured, Fanpu, Jinke pie, according to quantitative technology, stone technology meters sweeping robot and Geek+, part-time, WiseNews bucket meter Boss direct hire, education, science and Technology mobile marketing company, has been listed on the new board, purse treasure independent mobile payment company, has been acquired by new Guinness volume.

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dollar fund, in addition to the original investor, Gao Rong also accepted part of the new world’s top investment institutions investors, including a number of well-known university endowment funds, the global Internet well-known enterprises, founder of the family fund pension funds in the United States.

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