second step: according to the type of advertising to select traffic flow method

4, using E-mail

a Western Union remittance:


third, looking for ads,

2 and CPC ads: click ads to charge

this road, so many webmaster go very hard, very tired, very confused, and the success rate is relatively low, even if a small amount of money can be made, the process is very long. If you want to earn more online advertising fees, you have to learn to think backward, and you’ll find everything becomes clear as long as you have a reverse thinking.

2, write soft text

and find the relevant cost information for everyone to board at

ha ha seems to be like bank cards to send money. A careful look at the temporarily not open this function, the specific opening date are guessing, but since this indicating that GG has already begun China business localization. What time have quick cash payment options back this option only that opened.

below we detail:

3, using blog

in the evening, there are pieces of sign when he passed the post office of foreign exchange collection inadvertently, I immediately think of my GG, GG to come back immediately after to see how much money, in a more new

basic procedures:

how to use reverse thinking to make advertising costs, we need to turn the traditional thinking in turn:

and I saw in the evening post office sign

, a location for: Agricultural Bank, postal can handle. Others do not know.

features can be real-time arrival, the other does not need to open an account in the bank, with only the remittance generated password or to withdraw, and without money transfer.

is a Western Union money transfer refers to the American West WEST UNION FINANCIAL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL company real-time remittance remittance special software. In the world, only a few minutes to reach the remittance recipients. Business and the 186 countries of the world, up to more than 100 thousand outlets. Have a very good reputation in the world. China post is the western union company opened Western Union international institutions fast exchange business in China’s first.

5, using

to do things, we should not be limited to the popular way, but to target oriented. To earn advertising fees, certainly want to engage in traffic flow, but, do not have to do a website, for some types of advertising, even if no site can make money, there are a lot of Wangzhuan master over the years, no website, but the monthly income in more than $100 thousand.

7, keyword advertising,

at present, we go to the major forums, Webmaster Station, see many webmaster can not earn money, they can’t earn money, not because not enough hard work, but because of wrong thinking.

4 and CPS advertising: advertising for each purchase.

general Adsense earn advertising fees are this idea:

the first step is to understand what kind of advertising you earn.

3 and CPA ads: charging per boot ad, for example: registration, messages, downloads,

the first step is to understand what kind of advertising you earn.

, the first step, site

agreement Go for a walk

since it is earned advertising fees, it is necessary to study through the current popular advertising models, so that it is easy to make money. There are four main types of advertising,

second step, make traffic

through what method to do traffic? Not necessarily have to do web site, commonly used methods have the following:

1, direct advertising,

1, fixed advertising: my time ad billing

immediately search the Internet for Western Union, the relevant information is as follows:

third step, according to advertising types and traffic flow to do site

second step, according to the type of advertising, select the flow method,

8, do web site for SEO

6, using forum

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