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Chen Fansong

positive thinking patterns can influence our work, health and life. James Clear, author of this article, uses behavioral science to study ways to develop habits and improve health.

of course, this instinct is very practical when trying to keep alive. After all, not everyone can be as brave as Wu Song. But in contemporary society, it is clear that the chances of encountering a tiger on the road are almost zero. But our brain >

but we have to understand what positive thinking is".

we often hear people suggesting positive thinking, and most of us know that positive thinking is more powerful than negative thinking. But the word "positive way of thinking" always makes people feel a little "empty"". We are always more sensitive to other words, such as "hard work" and "perseverance".

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what’s the impact of negative thoughts on your brain

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in other words, negative emotions limit your thinking and allow you to focus entirely on factors that cause negative emotions. When you see the tiger, in fact there are many other options, such as climbing trees, or picked up a stick to defend itself, but your brain automatically blocked these choices, because in front of you is a tiger, you fear the culmination of, can only think of escape.

researchers have long discovered that negative emotions can lead to specific behaviors. For example, when you see a tiger, you turn and run away. Everything else in the world is suddenly unimportant. Your energy lies solely on the tiger, as well as the fear it brings, and how to escape from the tiger’s jaws.

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to understand the role of positive thinking in our role, we must first understand how negative thoughts affect us.

if you’re walking in the woods, all of a sudden, a tiger is in front of you. When this happens, your brain immediately produces a negative emotion – fear when you see a tiger.

, let’s take a look at Fredrickson’s research and explore what this paper means to us.

Fredrickson is a psychology study from the University of North Carolina, she published a paper that positive thinking can make us happier, also can let us learn new skills. Her paper has been cited by many researchers and can even be used to guide our daily life.

positive thinking patterns can influence our work, health and life. Many researchers are studying and exploring this way of thinking, such as BarbarFredrickson.

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