it’s been three months since that meeting. Recently, the company announced a partnership with Pantelion Films company, which will soon launch a new movie "Cesar Chavez." the movie soundtrack is the English pronunciation, myLINGO for the film with a synchronized soundtrack in spanish.

Ma Yun: entrepreneurs should have faith, have feelings, have global vision,

a few months ago, the author noticed a start-up called myLINGO, run by a 19 year old dropout at Harvard University, a student named Olenka Polak. She came up with an idea that was very impressive. When a foreign language movie is played in a movie theater, the voice of the native language can be heard with the use of the App application. Of course, most movies today offer dubbing, but it is hard for the film to be presented to the audience in a centralized manner. Polak’s brother was co – founder, and the two have just won a seed round of financing, and they told me that myLINGO will soon be working with more studios.

was not surprised to hear that. I knew long ago that they would be involved in making a movie. In fact, Polak, her brother, and the company’s chief engineer have been busy with myLINGO for over a year in preparation for the film. MyLINGO started as a side project at the University, later developed into a mature application in technology, user success through their own intelligent mobile phone can be audio and video streaming up collocation. The application of myLINGO should be enough to "safe", because this App followed the film industry inside the strict anti piracy rules, or at least have a premise, that is myLINGO and movie studios signed a formal contract.

of course, it’s easier said than done. Why do you say that? Because, if it’s easy, why doesn’t the studio do it? For the time being, there’s no movie company that specializes in recording movies. Most of the movie studios are still likely to embrace this opportunity, they also want their movie in the cinema when can play multiple voice, but the film distribution rights become nervous, some of Hollywood’s "old fashioned" are not willing and not through a third party developers App certification. But from + >


for months, Polak has been looking for movie studios to recommend their own applications. Pantellion is the first and they signed the film company, is also the first myLINGO ammunition battle. Polak told the author that she thought it would be a "soft landing" to work with Pantellion studios, and that foreigners wanted to hear the language they knew when they were watching movies.

Ma Yun said, the lakeside universities with MBA there is a big difference, we do not teach you how to succeed, we tell you how others failed, all the cases are in failure, but is not a failure, the training point is not the same.

Sina Technology News March 27th morning news, lakeside University second opening ceremony was held in Hangzhou today. Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba and the first lakeside university president, said in his opening speech that the mission of lakeside university is to discover and train entrepreneurs in a new era of commercial civilization. More than a decade ago, the Alibaba had a vision that thirty years later, 200 of China’s top 500 CEO came from the Alibaba group system, which was handed over to lakeside University today. "The next twenty years, thirty years, China’s economic ten big figures, there must be a few with us here, and the future of China’s top 500, at least 200 strong" CEO "with our lakeside Institute had relationship."."

so we want everyone to learn more about how others fail, how others make mistakes, and what others do in this error.

for students, Ma hopes that the future of Lakeside School trained students with a global perspective. In his opinion, tell you what is the enterprise globalization, global enterprise, many people believe that international school, but he do not want to do is to international schools, international schools, will not speak English internationalization. "Business abroad, is not equal to you is an international enterprise, I have to invest in overseas, I have plants in overseas, that international enterprises,. Internationalization means to have an international perspective, an international view, an international value system, and to create value for the local community."

he hopes that lakeside University will form a culture that will enable every enterprise to live long and live longer. Chinese enterprises will live to over thirty years, and the vision of lakeside University will be three hundred years.

responsibility for Lakeside University, Ma said, is to find entrepreneurs, training entrepreneurs, so that enterprises live longer. "Today we not train you how to start, how we want the business to make you live longer, and in the lakeside universities is not the cultivation of large enterprises, we cultivate good enterprises and enterprises such as people, people want to live well, be happy and be comfortable to live long, healthy."

in addition, he also wants the future of the lakeside University entrepreneurs. Each of us has his own beliefs, because only faith, people have the spirit of awe. Each entrepreneur must have faith, because you have faith, you will not be tempted, do you have anyone is the strategy, the strategy is not anyone without faith, but without faith is lost. >

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