first thing: please do a good job in project research,

to make money, we must change our thinking, segmentation, promotion,

recently, people often ask me about the promotion, there is some ieda, some have a demo, and when we communicate, most people do feel quite blind App, mainly due to App is now very popular, everyone wants to make money, have an idea immediately to do, to do expect the market suddenly came out, suddenly thought of the promotion, so a chat, never before found a lot of work to do. I think about it, to do the mobile Internet App notes to everyone listed, I wish the transformation of the business friends can quickly succeed.



passenger is Ali mother launched, Taobao – a few years that the development has been very mature, said these words, I feel that either the promotion of Taobao integrated Taobao customers, or the promotion of some fierce competition, such as weight loss products in areas such as Taobao, if from these in terms of Taobao off really has become more and more difficult, such as small head from the website, a monthly income of sixty thousand or seventy thousand from sh419 to disappear overnight. I want to have all that, now Taobao customers have become more and more difficult, but you should know that Taobao is a passenger platform, behind this platform is a Taobao business, a variety of products, strange and eccentric products, Taobao products are not only a few categories, there is a big category in many small categories, in the category there are many small categories.

to make money, must content is king

second things: do more publicity,

not long ago, I wrote a business promotion articles, music is the town of pillow products, are surprised to find that a market was so big, not a Taobao customer in the operation, after the promotion of the release, many people began to start a pillow of Taobao customers to promote the long tail keyword related to collate, and then by means of SEO make up, it has received a lot of super station user feedback, said that it had certain keywords do sh419 before, have to earn fat fees is not in the minority. In fact, I want to say is, in Taobao, and many of these people may not think of the market segments, so many around the taobao, see Taobao category, and then some data analogy for the products, to tap new market.

is now most Taobao customers do not have their own content, even with their own content but also to gain the favour of search engine, a API site is very fast, a few minutes a station is good, but the product information for your users, in fact is not meaningful, he could have you the website directly on taobao to find such goods, not transactions more secure, more abundant products. As for those who only use content to get the search engine in favor of the site, in fact, content is king is not only to the search engine, the more important is the content is really needed by the user, what is Taobao, Taobao is the essence of customer shopping guide, offline shopping guide to speech, online shopping guide course through the text, pictures or video information to recommend products. So, for more and more Taobao guest site, to change ideas, content is king, pass >

customers to make money, must change the way of thinking, people cannot use API, you have to use API, you have to push people to lose weight, lose weight, these things can be done, but know that fierce competition has forced you to change your strategy to do those small market segments, the same great opportunity.

second found the problem is that many people do not pay attention to publicity, I contacted many people before, and when they talk, they say their own products, their technology is very Niubi, because do not understand, later found that one or two years later, the market of homogeneous products a lot, we all feel the technical barriers, is their own imagination, to the end than you is an easy job to do things, when competitors when appearing on the market, in order to go beyond the opponent, the only difference is the publicity, because the publicity can bring users, the present is a rapid flow of information era, the user access to information more and more cost and time small, not propaganda for a minute, the user might find someone else. Secondly, publicity can also bring potential partners, generally looking for partners, many people still want to find a brand awareness, why? Because and popularity

When the

is actually a lot of people do App, mostly due to an idea just do it immediately, but the lack of a preliminary investigation, such as the localization of App, is that people will use, is 50~60 or 25~30? Population characteristics to want to understand, App population characteristics, such as housewives or single women. Is the office workers, still in high school, most of the time, the market investigation is very important, I was responsible for an App project, research time for two months, including market conditions, competitors, the technology, the domestic and international situation, the development of history basically to the research, the research is completed, I become an expert. So the pre project research must be done, a lot of research projects in the form of online questionnaire can send questionnaires to the subway, do some gifts, generally can not spend much money, but business people are very helpful, why? Because in the process of research, you will feel the real user’s psychology, thoughts and concerns, and more effective than empty talk. What we do is the purpose of App is to allow users to use, to meet the needs of most users it is a success, so we are developing, doing product design when they are not blind, and later in the promotion when we have more direction. Therefore, project research or to do, can increase our success rate of App.

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