as you know, a short video flame originated in 2013 started a prairie fire in 2016. The new year of China’s short video industry, which was just around the corner in 2016, is even more optimistic, and it is also the eve of the next big explosion.

dimension compared to graphic content monotonous, the video itself is a three-dimensional and more "IP" of the media state; and in contrast to the traditional video on the website of the content of work, because it can be embedded into the user every day each fragment of leisure time, a short video in the creation and dissemination of all more light – the new year, there will be more in homogeneity in the text on the content of entrepreneurs to short video.

list to let investors see a short video market potential, but in my opinion, because — and the superposition of IP attributes are more likely to have a professional, but the vertical field has stronger bargaining and liquidity, rational capital may be more inclined to the vertical project. For example, in seconds to shoot published food list, "magic food" to 230 million broadcast amount to the summit; in the fashion list, "handsome big devil" captured a large number of fans hearts, topped the list.

Yang Zhiyuan at a public event, partly because he and seven capital managing partner Xu Liangjie met for many years, on the other hand also because of AME and seven capital investment cooperation several transactions. In fact, ten years ago, Yang Zhiyuan’s historic investment in Ma was matched by Xu Liangjie.


it is important that, from the top three player ranks in the top two, it is not difficult for the astute to detect the first trend. First of all, early revolutionary platforms like micro-blog, the public, etc.

"That", s OK nothing." Looking at other people’s surprised eyes, low-key and humble, he was very easy-going smile. The YAHOO co-founder has rarely appeared in the media since he resigned from YAHOO in 2012. Perhaps because he loves golfing, his 47 year old is still thin, and his skin is tanned by the sun in California.

back to twenty years ago, Yang Zhiyuan’s position is equivalent to the current Zuckerberg, 26 years old founded YAHOO, 28 years old company listed. YAHOO not only led the world into the Internet era, changed Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial territory, but also pushed Yang Zhiyuan to the era of innovative leader position. This is also the highest achievement Chinese have ever achieved in the field of American science and technology. Yang Zhiyuan was born in Taiwan, China, and immigrated to Silicon Valley at 10.

, Sina Technology, Jun Jun, from the Silicon Valley,

lateral expansion super IP hatch "trumpet"

left YAHOO, Yang Zhiyuan founded the venture capital fund AME Cloud Ventures in 2012, focusing on investment related companies in the field of data related and cloud services value chain. Online data show that for more than four years, AME has completed more than 100 investments, ranging from seed to D wheel. He also holds the position of director of Alibaba, Lenovo and many other companies.


Silicon Valley Palo Alto Four Seasons Hotels, the sky under a thick drizzle, held here with seven capital of Ideas Summit annual meeting. A tall middle-aged man hurried into the hotel lobby, no umbrella with rain. This is Yang Zhiyuan.

meets Yang Zhiyuan again.

surprisingly, the net worth of nearly $2 billion Internet pioneer they drove to Four Seasons Hotels, but not directly to the car parked in front of the hotel, and other distinguished guests like valet parking, but stopped in the parking lot and then ran a few tens of meters into the big hall.

The The rare

golf course fixed investment Ali

in 2005, YAHOO announced an investment of $1 billion to Alibaba, plus YAHOO, which was valued at $700 million, with a 40% stake in Alibaba. Although Yang Zhiyuan did not serve as YAHOO’s CEO at that time, the deal was done under the direction of the "YAHOO chief". Yang Zhiyuan served as YAHOO CEO in 2007-2009.

Although the launch of

has become so important to the grasp of the trend that the "beacon" of the head echelon is self-evident. Since last June, the second shot every month will publish popular original short video UGC list since September and increase the vertical list and Fengyun list. At the beginning of February 2017, the first list released, careful people can see a short video in the new year a few important variables: for example, "Papi sauce" is through the MCN transition to obtain greater possibility of gossip care association to grow is by strong interaction and all the fans to expand capacity, complete self iteration.

this transaction helped Ma to build Alibaba into China’s electricity giant, and also brought YAHOO a huge return. This may be beauty >

from the original list of data can be seen: "two more video" continuation of the lead in a short video, to play in the top 560 million; "gossip care association to grow to 430 million in second months to play;" Papi sauce "to play the 280 million ranked third month; and this list may play the creator 11 people have been more than 200 million times the amount of. In the list for non original: "South Korea me2day" to play 2 billion 470 million times won the championship; "CCTV news" and "a video" ranked two or three, enough to see the "light information" video pleasing degree.

more important, maybe a short video on the vertical field continue to rise if the 2016 "Pan entertainment" occupy a more short video of the user’s mind, so in 2017, the breakthrough of different segments will be the main tone of short video industry.

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