fourth, the list of special items, if your website many special offers, do not have to list one by one, must pay attention to keep the page beautiful, generous and decent.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

eighth, customer service phone, do not think that receiving customer service calls is very troublesome, customer service in the order payment, if there are problems, the most wanted to do is to call to ask. Don’t let out customer service calls because of trouble.

thank you very much,


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maybe you are now a webmaster for shopping websites. Maybe you have a good website now. Maybe you sell products well, maybe…… But there is no turnover or turnover rate is not up to the product, how it happened, I think you should consider is not a problem with this, today the golden Wangzhuan according to their own experience with this simple summed up 10 points, hope to the webmaster friends help.

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fifth, after the customer checkout mail address, when the customer after the check to you leave the e-mail address, please make good use of, after delivery mail, ask the receipt, and after receipt of any advice.

seventh, a clear price don’t wait until time to pay the customer to see what the tax plus freight, than to see the actual goods price difference is too large, the best adding a commodity to the shopping cart is on the actual cost of statistics.

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Duba promotion team

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

third, the classification directory of any commodity if you have a product category that only one product, and the product is sold out, please on the shelf products colleagues, cancel product categories corresponding.

recently released data found that some of the site’s installation package and address all connected to the old, resulting in the amount of installation has not been counted. In order to ensure accurate data, we have decided to notify all webmaster to replace the installation package and download address.

sixth, the correct view of customer evaluation, for good evaluation, we express our gratitude, for the anti evaluation, we should listen to and listen to the bold and correct. Most customers don’t say anything out of nothing.

, everybody:

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

ninth, credit card checkout problem, if you find someone else’s credit card, you can not use it again to remind customers, customers do not mention the credit card checkout, immediately ask what credit card.

second, always pay attention to the goods, if the warehouse has no product, please immediately put the product off the shelf, do not wait until the customer has added shopping cart ready to checkout, suddenly a "no goods.".

tenth, station advertising, if you are a retail store, then there is no need to receive advertising. Don’t advertise as much as possible without making a lot of advertising money. The above are a few small aspects should pay attention to simple problems, may not cause many people’s attention, but you want to do online sales, please change positions, seriously thinking, thinking. Above ten points >

first, reduce the checkout process now accustomed to the fast-paced life, if someone in your station is checked on a product, and in the payment process, suddenly to a what is registered, or the checkout process is complex. I think, even if others are satisfied with this product, others will not buy, and not only you, this is sold.

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