tracked these pages every day to browse the site (home) dozens of times, open can see no trace of the chain, the appreciation of all don’t know from which entrance website login browse. This is what kind of situation, will not bring harm to the website. For example, the website caused greater pressure. Linked to the recent frequent gray code injection industry event, whether to prohibit access by robots.txt.

of the three methods in the end how, what is the effect for the website optimization? You want to ah, you accept a website without any optimization, optimization or wrong ideas, modify is not available. Nothing else, I feel the change before the good, there is no need to delete. If you have deleted, a large number of 404 pages will only lead to drop right. Of course, you may not have time to quickly change the good article, after all, instead of an article is more difficult to write an article. But slowly, Shanghai dragon itself is an accumulation of art, not


data, may be Shanghai dragon industry fairly profound knowledge. Key words collected from the most basic to the target keywords, and then to the site search term, source page, page visited. These things may directly affect the optimization of your work right out, dialectical. As many people know, especially in large companies, data analysis staff is simply a treasure. Every day look at the website statistics, or web logs, some Difficult miscellaneous diseases smoothly done or easily solved. Recently, I found some unknown source of access to the site (Yu Shangtu), web log shows strange phenomenon.

day return, you are silent in the picturesque landscape, or to work hard impact ranking. No matter what, all want to face the Shanghai dragon, happy every day. Just say is the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and the use of sensitive word content editing topic, said here is collected before the page and website to access the source of unknown problems.

Before 2, unknown source of access

websiteAnalysis of

1, before the site included page


love Shanghai have included page to do? When we took over a new website, if you take into account before the acquisition or no optimization of how to dispose of the page. If you encounter website update or revision of the situation, how to optimize the page has been included? There are three kinds of methods: one is put on the matter, do the new work, not before the change; second is to modify the update, take the details page, updated directly help collection articles into height original; the third is directly deleted, setting 404 pages.

website optimization is both simple and complicated but you are completely unpredictable. For example, how to restore the site to drop right, just cause may dozens, even if you are caused by excessive optimization, how to restore is a mystery. How many people live vowed before "

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