and Shanghai dragon in the SWOT analysis method can analyze your website, the main competitors, keywords, and search engine results page. For example, a company with A PowerEasy made a website, updated every day, the enterprise innovation domain sense is good, but the domain name is too long. Therefore the enterprise A not obtained by the search engine too much traffic. But the main competitors in the same industry B is through the search engine to get a lot of traffic, because the B enterprises not only have the domain name opened a long time, some optimization strategy of Shanghai dragon, but Shanghai Longfeng optimization level is limited, so B enterprise mainly through the domain name age to get traffic.

in Shanghai Longfeng, we also often use the analysis of SWOT, and is a very useful method. The initial stage of Shanghai dragon is often challenging. Immediately began to make the project move this idea is very tempting. But spend some time before the execution of Shanghai dragon design strategy will be of great benefit in the long run. To establish a solid foundation, you can success of the success of Shanghai dragon road.

Source: www.webyuweb贵族宝贝

enterprise A ranking no much improvement, while ranking enterprise B a keyword is love Shanghai third. The two companies of the domain age is long, of course, these two companies are not doing PPC advertising, so the market is still very attractive. After PPC opponent is not much. At the same time, the number of links of the two companies is almost the same, the link authority is similar. We use the following diagram to show the analysis method:


SWOT analysis method is a method of enterprise strategy analysis is established according to enterprise’s internal condition analysis, find out where the advantages and disadvantages and the core competitiveness of enterprises. Among them, S strength, W weakness (advantage), O opportunity (inferior), T (opportunity) on behalf of threat (threat), including S, W, O and T are internal factors, external factors. In accordance with the concept of enterprise competition strategy, the strategy should be an enterprise "can do" (i.e., the organization’s strengths and weaknesses) and "can do" (i.e., opportunities and threats) between the organic combination. Figure:


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