five, the efficient exchange Links: many people pay attention to the surface in exchange Links, do not pay attention to internal. In fact, the exchange Links need high technology, for a good link can make web traffic by leaps and bounds, otherwise can lead to the site unable to get up after a fall. So we in the exchange of Links must pay attention: first, we have to find our website content similar >

three, improve the user experience: the user experience is made a little optimization must pay attention to, if you have a website user experience is too low, a direct result of the website is the bounce rate increased, this website is to keep visitors, so we have to improve the user experience. First, we must ensure that the layout of the site and clear, at the same time to focus, so that visitors can find everything fresh and new feeling, attract visitors to browse the site; secondly to clear purpose, should be targeted; and the need to ensure that the site of the update, the "dry cargo website is" everyone’s favorite.

, to improve the quality of the article and the chain: search engine to provide the best quality of the user, so it is the station editor or the station promotion we have to provide the quality of the article, at the same time every time quantitative stability update, the only way we can do better!

four, to be good in different platforms or release the soft left their footprints: the popularity of the website is to rely on propaganda to come, so we always release the soft advertising in different platforms, advertising should be novel and attractive and valuable, the only way to attract readers or reproduced many people; don’t pay attention to details in the promotion of their own website, led to the loss of a lot of users, in fact, we should cultivate the habit of others comments during a visit to a website or blog, as much as possible to choose their own website, which is an effective method to increase the flow of network station.

2012 Shanghai dragon ER how to increase website traffic flow on our website? Shanghai dragon ER is particularly important, but many Shanghai dragon ER found do flow is not so easy, more and more people to join the Shanghai dragon industry, more and more websites show to everyone, so I want to do traffic must improve their methods pay attention to every detail. Then in 2012 the Shanghai dragon ER

look at the more popular sites such as Sina, love Shanghai, Sohu and other portals, as well as A5, Shanghai dragon WHY Webmaster Station, from them in the course of development, we can learn a lot more traffic, a good way to improve the ranking. Overall, I think to improve website traffic must do the following aspects of work.

two, enhance the site unique: a website to attract users certainly cannot keep visitors, so we have to put the site into a unique and attract users to continue browsing the website at the same time, the weight of a search engine will also give special sites more.

how to increase website traffic?

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