revised home page snapshot stalled, not included in the snapshot, from 20 down to 2, the entire site was K. The noble baby is slightly better, but also included and less visible, "guide page" is very friendly to the search engine is not, of course there are many reasons, such as the revision must have a right down.


my personal advice website is best not to get what "guide page", from the viewer’s perspective, some people love "guide page". However, for most people to "guide page" is not essential, and some people even more love "and to streamline; Shanghai Longfeng optimization perspective, it must abandon the" guide page ", it is to stand.

noble baby


snapshot Shanghai




first, look at the following:

analysis in different reasons, love Shanghai directly on the guide page for indexing, and because the "guide page" not only title, keyword and description, "most image combination, so the" little snapshot even copyright information are up. The noble baby direct filtration "guide page" direct capture of home information, so much better. At least in the handling of the "guide page" can be seen noble baby mechanism more perfect, love Shanghai needs to be strengthened. A little analysis snapshot, then analysis has serious consequences.

from Shanghai dragon perspective, "how are you going to guide page optimization, automatic filtering, noble baby well, that you love Shanghai?" guide page "inside the content and how to update, no update, spiders and how to give you the picture. Secondly, how to set the key, your page has been given a lot of pictures, where there is space to write words, so that your natural ranking is a tragedy; finally, the "link guide page", "guide page" generally provide only one into the site of the first page of the intersection, you can imagine and when there are many spider come, will not cause the traffic jam ah, included, so that is not conducive to the website so that links or extending in all directions, which is beneficial to the spider crawling included.

everyone on the "guide page" this word may be a bit strange, "guide page" for the sake of a better mood, better expression of the eye to attract visitors to design a delicate and beautiful ", but" guide page "can attract visitors? This It differs from man to man. Here is the "guide page" brought to Shanghai dragon trouble.

But if the

this is a snapshot of the site is not a revision, no boot page. Included and ranking relatively normal. When the website add "guide page" later appeared in the following:

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