I do the main library website: love Shanghai library, Douding library, Sina asked, road passenger Baba, do the library first solve the problem of resources, which is the leading part of Shanghai dragon Er headache. The beginning is to find, but as time goes on, you will find more and more difficult to find information, then the conversion of ideas to point the other way. First of all to a place we recommend is some free SkyDrive sites like HUAWEI, SkyDrive and so on, there are some users upload courseware document can be downloaded for use; the second is the technical forum, the general technical forum are shielding spider search, the article above are not included. We can make use of. Again is to find some more interested in their own website, the above article copied into word or ppt documents or PDF documents, to share with you, it’s also a good idea. Anyway, remember: find articles more easily through the useful information to. The problem of resources will give you say this, introduce the library chain method:

library website as a big fat Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are unable to hide greeds, is a chain of resources of Shanghai Longfeng pursued Er, because some users to share resources, we can easily find and download some of the information they need, this is also the reason for choosing Shanghai dragon Er website promotion library. A recent period of time in the Library under the above effort more, some of the library website also have learned a little plain, here and share with you experience this time of experience and experience.

1. Shanghai

love Shanghai product audit have all experienced it, whether it is love or love know Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, or is now the library, the quality requirements are very high, the direct type of advertising is certainly not through the. I just started the library when he made this stupid mistake, make love for the first time in Shanghai library, just listen to my colleagues said. Add in the title or the inside, add in the document which is not included, this error theory guide I made this ridiculous mistake, I put back. In the title, the first time as can be imagined, but first account not blocked. Naked advertising is not feasible, to share something practical, cleverly added to.


account account is best not to day upload multiple documents, you can try, if one day in the continuous time upload >

love Shanghai library is not audited by the following points:


The problem of a LibraryStrict

of the low quality of the document and document this page, general document pages to over 2 pages, but also can not be too long, if you upload more than 100 pages, it may be considered to infringe the copyright or suspect, is not by.

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