more importantly, the success of the "king of glory" is also changing the e-sports industry. The young industry, led by "king of glory", began to break through the boundaries of the PC era, moving into the mobile and universal era.

"king of glory" is Yao Xiaoguang’s Tencent interactive entertainment studio group products. After this game has received tremendous social attention, Yao Xiaoguang has been very low-key outside, this forum is his first official for "King glory" external voice. In his speech, Yao Xiaoguang revealed some stories about the development process, and encouraged young people to "keep beyond the boundaries of cognition, not to be prisoners of their own cognitive frame", and to explore the unknown and impossible".

: chat message command

as of press time, the official Tencent has responded to the problem is to follow up. The vulnerability was fixed before, do not click on the URL user suggestions so as to avoid damage to the system defects.

, Nuclear’Atk Network Security Research Center announced in its official website, said the Tencent TM, products have remote command execution vulnerability. Hackers exploit the vulnerability can be directly through the message window, execute local files, command, such as making friends chatting computer shutdown, uninstall a software, or to format the hard disk.


tested, when hackers send in and TM window in the specific format of the web site, because of the existence of the vulnerability of the Tencent of the two version of the IM software, after the user clicks on the link to the victim site will be opened as a path, which can perform some malicious programs and system commands, resulting in serious safety hazards.

in June 11th, to celebrate the return of Hongkong in 20th anniversary, the innovation and Technology Bureau, Hongkong Committee of the Shenzhen Federation of societies and Youth Federation of Hongkong Special Administrative Region Hongkong Special Administrative District Education Bureau, Hongkong Liaison Office in the Department of education and science and the Shenzhen Overseas Friendship Association, the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center held the "build the future" Youth Entrepreneurship Forum and Exhibition Branch "in order to promote the Hongkong science and Technology Industrial Development and Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship. Hongkong Liaison Office Deputy Director Chen Dong, Hongkong President Liang Junyan, Shenzhen Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Lin Jie and other guests attended the forum.

‘s "king of glory" today has more than 200 million registered users, making it the most successful game in the history of Tencent.

talks about the tremendous influence of the king’s glory, Yao Xiaoguang said. "This is a miracle for a group of young people.". As a social phenomenon, the game can no longer use the concept of "game" to understand "King glory". It has become a new social style.

E-sports also allowed Yao Xiaoguang to discover another meaning of the game. In a Tencent organization E-sports tournament scene, Yao Xiaoguang noticed a gaming player, his game is very poor, and the team is not good, seeing the game to lose, the player’s father suddenly stood up, put on a headset and began to use sign language command son fight.

vice president of Tencent Inc, Tencent interactive entertainment day beauty studio group president Yao Xiaoguang also as important guests were invited to attend, do a "beyond the cognitive boundary — Tencent < > king of glory; phenomenal game entrepreneurial path" keynote speech. A total of nearly 8000 young people from Hongkong and people from all walks of life listened to Yao Xiaoguang’s speech.

the cultural, industrial and social values of the king’s glory

The development of

in fact, this is not the first time broke such vulnerabilities. In March 21st, the well-known third party vulnerability platform cloud, the exposure of the , TM products have remote memory read data, vulnerability can lead to remote overflow, denial of service vulnerability. And before the vulnerability vulnerability compared despite the threat level is slightly lower, but enough to become the weapon of a practical joke.

Yao Xiaoguang later learned that the player was a deaf mute. He lost his hearing from childhood, had no friends, had a bad relationship with his father, and had a tendency to be autistic. But he’s especially good at playing games and finding himself through games. His father didn’t understand him at first, but when he saw his son’s change, he finally let go and began to learn the rules of the game secretly, and finally helped his son win the title

insider analysis, the cause of the vulnerability of the Tencent or call API:ShellExecute. Its function is to open the EXE file, the path, or call the associated program such as pictures, music, etc.., but in the absence of specified file or URL of the case, Windows will give priority to call the executable EXE file, causing users to think they point to open the URL, but in fact the system but the priority is the implementation of the code instructions.

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