retreated to Hongkong after the final results for Google is constantly being eroded market share, coupled with the domestic telecommunications sector reasonable shielding against Google, frequently let mainland users cannot access the Google server, which further weakened the influence of Google, many consumers began to love Shanghai, love Shanghai and caused a dominant position.

but Google is not so and 360 sever relations, 360 search from the beginning through the browser to get great flow into, its market share is growing rapidly, but when love Shanghai back to God and suppress 360, technology bottlenecks 360 soon made the grand goal of the 360 special is a blow and a shout, love after Shanghai banned 360 extraction love Shanghai database search results, this trend is more obvious, the market share of 360 began a steady decline at 360 and Google teamed up again, announced on advertising cooperation at the end of 2012, so as to enhance their competitiveness.

In fact, when Google

this kind of cooperation itself is helpless, because of the bottleneck of its own no way to break through, in the background of this cooperation is the interests of the company there are two fusion problem, one is to enhance the level of technology, on the other hand, hope to be able to rely on mainland connections, opening the mainland to display their fists, but two the company in cooperation after three months, and did not bring what kind of impact to the market. Love Shanghai love Shanghai, firmly ruler of the domestic search engine market.

future is not optimistic, the forms of cooperation is greater than the actual effect of

360 is love Shanghai dare to challenge the hegemony, a consumer to love Shanghai also saw a dominant discontent, on the other hand, have a certain market foundation, began to break the monopoly of the search engine sale banner, in the extreme time indeed get some support, but the technology obviously no way natural bottleneck will continue the development of this kind of competition, at this time think of Google’s technology, and Google on the mainland market Chinese always feel powerful can’t do anything, ultimately these two fellow sufferers start for their own interests to seek cooperation.

360 and Google’s cooperation in a sense is a kind of form, the first between the two techniques are not comparable, then Google is on the one hand want to force the mainland, on the other hand, there are many constraints, a lot of things to care of the East, which made the effort in the mainland is not enough, at last Google also worry "

and the 360 cooperation between the banbangege, from 360 search engine Google Browser Integration first, Google’s traffic is half from the 360 browser, but after 360 the independent search engine, and Google to a Google quickly let part company each going his own way, ranked third from the ranking decreased to second, which shows the fact that the 360 browser market share has become the scale.

The Google

360 Google advertising cooperation behind Hobson

In fact,

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