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sometimes we don’t know where that chain, we need to refer to our competitor’s website, or they will lead the way for us, here we can get to the top five rival site analysis, here we can chain application helper nets analysis tool that can analyze a origin a site outside of the chain before 1000. We have the chain of analysis, classification, see which sites included high rate, high weight. During this period the workload very big, we need patience to perform, and then implement, believe that your site outside the chain of quality more and more high, others may need to optimize the three months of the term, as long as you have a month’s time.

forum posting replies, but we have not thought about the effectiveness of our post? They are on the chain growth of our website was? Also, we need to often go to our forum to rectify, high weight classification, at the same time. The data analysis, some choices included fast the included high rate forum posting replies. For example, the A5 forum. The chain in our work, we need to be constantly on the analysis of the data, not blind to the top post replies. Some people may say that this is also the analysis is also analyzed, and the trouble is, so I think, you can choose to give up to do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a has been carried out data analysis, monotonous and tedious process.

now has many independent blog webmaster, their blog snapshot updated quickly, and high weight. Independent blog comments and support individual online message, we were doing before some of the weight of the high ranking, good blog collation, make a list for later work to lay the basic. The original weight higher blog, such as mouchangqing, Lou loose and so on, but we in the comment and to look at each other’s blog is set up a nofollow tag, if set, we do also useless. Mike is a 20 day comment or message.

webmaster friends should be very clear, the weight of the website mainly depends on two aspects, one is the chain, one is content, which can be called the main content of the site is equal, the original word is very popular search engine. Xiao Li is important here introduces the chains, the content of the writing skills, Li again share with everyone. Four to create a site outside the chain, let the chain website ranking soared, is divided into two parts, one is the friendship link, an external link. We need to consider each other’s weight is high when changing Links, whether the new snapshot, PR and so on, these aspects I want to also do not need a lot of Li stressed. Below we mainly for external links to do the introduction, how can the rapid increase in the chain? And by Mike weiweidaolai.

three, pick up the classified

analysis of the web site

, an independent blog

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