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before when we were Links exchange will appear more or less connected with the cross of love, Shanghai not released before the algorithm Scindapsus website is rarely drop right or K stand, but after Shanghai announced the green love algorithm behavior of the site will be right down, cross link link exchange is taboo, although cross links can bring more links to a web site, but in turn to link to your site over past is so few, such behavior is not the cause of links is narrow, and the search engines can think your website is to take the cross station or other form of cheating in the operation. You know in China many problems are not only the result of sense.


want to know the search engine spiders can search from the link trading intermediary website to your website information, like Ali before the famous slightly, although it is in the global top 10 thousand websites, to the last love Shanghai is not to give you K out, and its website to sell a lot of links the site was down the right, I have two sites on the inside, the website from February up to now have not updated snapshot, from which I >

at this time as a webmaster should understand the love Shanghai algorithm Links exchange standard, if you grasp in place Links standard, maybe your site will be green after the love Shanghai algorithm attack, in the face of this situation, the author according to the actual situation of the specific circumstances and the owners love Shanghai search engine this paper sums up the hope, these summed up after the standard to be able to help some webmaster.

before when we were Links exchange mostly pay attention to the weight of the website or PR, it is because of this factor of love was released in Shanghai green algorithm, in the face of this situation as a webmaster to link to the site remediation clean pen’s recommendations is 37 best website Links 30% is a very high correlation link, and the 70% is the high quality links, such a link can certainly let love Shanghai algorithm assured, because our website not only in the industry has won respect, even outside the industry have recognized the high quality website, it is wrong, in this case of love Shanghai is not on your site drop right or pull hair.

intermediary website

green chain exchange standard first: 37

green chain exchange standard third: Web site does not appear in

Scindapsus algorithm has emerged a number of Web site was down right or K phenomenon, although the Scindapsus algorithm is the focus of the fight against the sale of intermediary links and behavior, but for personal webmaster to Scindapsus algorithm not only involves the Shanghai public love this, try to ask: if a friendship link to your site love, too miscellaneous, Shanghai is considered a link to your site there is a problem or active site for you

green chain exchange standard second: never cross

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