first step: whether the content is updated in a timely manner, the original big proportion.

content is the soul of the website, search engine no matter investigating new or old station are put content in the core position, when the site is down to self check whether when haven’t updated content, or update the content are reproduced from the content, even false original not, or reprinted in the content of even the inside of the chain is not removed. If these mistakes should be corrected, then, began to regularly update the contents of the original or false original content to increase the proportion, reduce the content of outbound links, improve the content of freshness and quality.

if one day we are using the site: command to check the site collected, suddenly found the home not in the first row, or previous ranking in the top ranked keywords now has plummeted, so our first reaction is website search engine right down! I believe that many do stand webmaster like me. Have encountered this headache. This let us worry about what went wrong cause site is down right, if not timely find the reason will seriously affect the development of the website. As a personal webmaster, as long as the master of the five step method, step by step control self inspection, we can gradually find out why the site was down the right and solve the problem as soon as possible.

the third step: check whether the site is hacker black chain.

fourth step: check the safety of website, whether it is malicious Trojan horse.

with black chain, unscrupulous hackers for illegal profit also love a loophole scan website intrusion, implanted in the web site files in the horse, through the visitors to browse the website automatically download.

is the chain site optimization in addition to second important factors, search engines crawl the site outside the chain, the quality evaluation of the chain, now love Shanghai has stepped up foreign chain quality audit, resulting in the number of site outside the chain generally decreased, but the corresponding quality improved. When the site is down to check whether when the chain appeared due to the rapid increase and mass bring a rapid decline in the volatility of the situation, if the chain is not stable serious situation, so easily by search engine punishment, so try to maintain a regular increase in the chain, enhance stability.

because of the chain of the popular market, in the interests of the illegal driving makes specialized black station black chain increased sharply. The webmaster should pay attention to the prevention and inspection in site is down right after, in a timely manner to view the web site source code, the specific method is to open the web site in the browser, select the "view" – "website source code" way to view the source code, check code if there are other sites link to the code, if how to use FTP to edit the page file in a timely manner, the removal of these illegal black chain, at the same time to avoid further implicated, modify the administrator password, to strengthen the security of the website.

the second step: whether the chain increase or decrease drastically.

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