on the second day of the first article I successfully passed, my station was pulled into the love of 11 Shanghai phenomenon, all primary key to all 11, some 11 of the following. At first I did not know what love is 11 Shanghai phenomenon, but a keen sense of smell to let me know where I stand out of the question, the love of Shanghai is a platform can learn a lot of things, really love Shanghai search, manual intervention 11 said. I begin to look at their website, excluding a one problem, my site is the original does not exist the problem of collecting, chain I also every day to do, friends of the chain also checked what no problem, the investigation to the later I finally found the key problem, making up, although keyword the density is between 2%-8%, but a few key words really piled up too obvious, as long as the artificial looks to know, not what relations and the theme of the hard, add a keyword in the inside, although it is not a lot, but also to the high density of 6%, I think the problem is definitely a part in it so, I have a few articles included did not put out the decisive 3 changed the title of the article, the other to be displayed on the home page. Statistical tools out of the basic less than 3%.

for the two problems, love Shanghai pulled me into the 11 phenomenon, I love Shanghai think over optimization, my site into the sandbox. Then I began to carefully optimized, adhere to the original article 3 every day, early, middle and late each article. The chain of 10 a day, and I try to go to websites related forum posting, replies less, each post is written by myself, but also during the normal traffic, although the love flow of Shanghai is less, but the other is still relevant forums are also part of the flow to. After two weeks of effort, I finally stand snapshot is normal, the next day, some new articles love Shanghai has received a second. I counted my site included about 80% love Shanghai. I don’t what website problems, although there are a few key words on page second, only one or two in the home, but the love of Shanghai’s success included let me stand a lot of long tail traffic. As a novice webmaster, this.

a month ago I published in the A5 Adsense nets article "novice webmaster new sites two months optimization of the gain and loss", summed up I do two months of experience. Now flash over the past three months, nearly a month’s time, I went to the A5 forum and other Shanghai Longfeng optimization forum several times. Today I want to put my experience this month and share some of my experience to give you. I hope useful for novice webmaster.

another suspicious place is also the key problem, my text is too single, and each original article text page, as are the original, I will be clever with their main keyword write every article, my blog is the chain only text to a keyword. I think maybe this is also why it is slow, then the original article is released, I began to reduce the description text, is the most appropriate to do within the chain.

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