2) the lack of the page header. I don’t know what it means, tool there is also no explanation, because I do not know the head area did not write keywords and descriptiond, the love of Shanghai has said, descriptiond will not affect the site ranking, descriptiond will not bring points to your website, there is no descriptiond will not be penalized. So if the page header is the lack of this description refers to this meaning, we can according to their own needs to choose whether to increase the keywords and descriptiond Division I, the selection here is not.

3 meta language) page missing information. This is strange, you can see that I have the right to make a statement on the website of the language (Content – Type:text/html:charset=U>

(2) with the help of Bing webmaster tools (贵族宝贝cn.bing贵族宝贝/toolbox/webmaster), this tool than the love of Shanghai webmaster tools to many powerful function through the menu to the left, you can see it.


you can see, I love this test station Shanghai has almost no advice, only a question of "reduce a request", this is because I love Shanghai statistical code, with statistics icon is love Shanghai official, love Shanghai server was soon very stable, almost not drag your website open speed, so the advice we can change can not change.

, Shanghai has no recommended case (we ignore a request ” to reduce this), will be the Shanghai dragon analysis program also gives three suggestions.

You can find love in

when we do a website, and that has been optimized well, we need the following steps and tools need to find more details of the optimization:


(1) by Webmaster Platform (贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/) love Shanghai, love Shanghai webmaster tools in a "page optimization suggestions", it tells us that love Shanghai hope that our website to do what kind of improvements. Cut a figure:

1) H1 mark is missing, the better solution, on the site add a H1 tag, H1 recommended only to spread the weight with more will. Of course, if you are a comprehensive website theme is relatively broad, you can not add H1 tags, or H1 tags directly on the logo, logo links to the home page, get 2 points plus station.

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