from the above simple analysis, illustrates the importance for a site optimization and promotion of the product title. So when everyone in the promotion or optimization of the title must be written, there might be some novice asked if the title is important so, so how to write a good title? The author will to the coffee machine optimization and website promotion to illustrate.

to the title of a web site for writing, we must first understand what the site is doing what, in order to better understand this writing correlation with the content of the website title, such as the optimization is on the sale of "coffee machine" so I write the title of the website is sure to write with "coffee machine"

said here I take everyone to see newspapers, such examples believe that everyone can understand, when you get a copy of the newspaper when will first understand their love of news, such as: some love entertainment, some love attention news, some prefer to pay attention to financial stock market etc.. In the understanding of these will go through before heading to find their own love of the content, and the search engine is also so, in order to help users find more accurate, more valuable information will be judged by the first title, which is related to content and user search keywords, which is not correlated with the contents of all filtered out after next, the relevant information content will be left to do the analysis of the final ranking. The search engine has a value system, which one of the most relevant content and user information retrieval through the analysis of the system after the keyword, then this piece of information will be ranked in the front, good for the search engine ranking algorithm is easy to share with you in this.

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a website and promotion of company products, brand the title plays an important role, for which I need not say more, presumably the webmaster friends are aware of its importance, but in my opinion many webmaster especially some novice webmaster for the title for what is so important only stay in the know, and I do not know Italy, its essence. This is simply to talk about the author’s comprehension. We all know whether it is optimized to do a website or a product promotion, write a good headline is to cater to the user through the search engine, search engine keyword retrieval when the first time will be optimized by the website or the promotion of products in the user’s immediate exposure. Because the search engine will first through the title to analyze its content is in line with the user search keywords, in fact, a search engine spiders also run the program on, and the ultimate goal of this program is to be more convenient and more efficient service for the people, so the design and development of the program will be based on the spider thinking mode of design and development, and people’s reading habits are the first to see through its title, probably first understand its content, see is not what love information, if you do not love and jump to the next.

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