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even if it is right and the past 07 years, is written book, the book does not require 1 years of time? That is to say this concept in 06 years, is at least not proved the need for 1 years? The earliest this may start in 05 years, such as this has been the past 7 years, we still doubt the search engine development engineer

today, and the Shanghai dragon correlation or web page ranking topic "frequency or density" still can be heard without end things of the past, let him go.

well, then we talk from a technical point of the search engine is how to calculate.

it seems that we always think, when a user searches for a keyword, the frequency and density of the keywords in the page of the higher the better, of course, there are some points that the value in the 3%-5%, but you know the numbers come from

we first derive the frequency and density of keywords first content to tell the.

if you still do not understand, we see here you can click on the upper right corner of the X or Alt+F4 button.

IQ?Even if the Keywords

I hope you can understand a word, to meet the needs of users is the survival of the enterprise, it is a love of Shanghai enterprises. Only this, the audience will love Shanghai users, is you, you and me me these people.

content is forged, so we use an example to consider keyword frequency and density of the phenomenon, we assume that a search for "Linyi morning talent network", according to the frequency and density of the words, "Linyi talent network" and "eight" can best be obtained the correlation among the.

so, we as users, we in the search "Linyi morning talent network", that is the result of feedback click once to get information, or a lot of articles with keywords? (as reading novels)

for Shanghai dragon, become the industry leader will need to meet the needs of users, get more traffic in the industry, this is one aspect of Shanghai dragon, but also I am good at, if you have to say Sir XXX marketing concept, the promotion of XXX feel shy, I don’t understand. I can only from the user and technical perspective to narrate my Shanghai dragon.

I always hope to let you stand in the user perspective to consider the Shanghai dragon or a search engine, a lot of friends can send a message to me always ask some I do not know how to answer the question right.

if I’m not mistaken, there is 06-07 in the United States of Shanghai Longfeng experts wrote a book in this one number, after the book was translated after the flood, flood is a very frightened word.


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