who did Shanghai dragon people are confused, some sites 3 months can be ranked in the home for three years, some sites still even natural ranking are not, especially a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice, will only update the hair of the chain, hair for three months, and then look at the rankings still, there is no effect, still be the search engine to shut out, for the novice is not strong Shanghai dragon, may simply give, Xiao Bian to help more desperate novice, summarizes this article, help you answer why the website operation for three months without ranking, how to operate it for

operation optimizationThe phenomenon of

C. "for ranking and ranking the opposite


. Why not pick up 3 months (website optimization here to say "improvement" not only refers to the ranking, also refers to the conversion rate of orders.

) ] operation technology

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operator and those who know what is Shanghai dragon people, but do not know how to operate, generally is the enterprise boss, spent the money, please the site of the company made a website, and then doing nothing, just wait for the ranking results in March, and has yet to order go to the website ranking, company theory, and finally failed, that Shanghai dragon is a small, very despise this kind of people, here is not to do too much explanation.

what is for ranking and the ranking? In other words, is to optimize the optimization, this is the old habit of many novice, each article has done a key link to the home page, did not miss any piece of open space, to promote their products, the entire site to look completely is to tell others what is the web site, and not tell others what I can offer as a service, a word up, will find a flow are not, the conversion rate is very low, this is "for the ranking and ranking".


this type of comparison operators and Shanghai dragon novice, made a website, every morning update machine like soft, afternoon chain, night looking for Links, so after a day, Cen Huiyu is not to say no to this method, but if the website did not do, how do these basic operation, it is difficult to make the ranking in 3 months, unless it is what kind of 0 index, the competition is not the word, for the novice, is not lack of technology, a lot of online tutorials, I think Shanghai Longfeng novice lack is a shift in thinking, beginners often consider each page to highlight a few words, to do some anchor text, what to do color collocation, pictures to add ALT attributes; but the general Shanghai dragon will not consider the web page is by novice users, whether With search engines, which is lack of knowledge and technology optimization of operating performance, here don’t do too much, want to further understand can contact me.

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the lack of knowledge and methods of optimization

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