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here to introduce several kind of noble use baby Analytics to identify the false flow. The flow of the background set for a CPA (Cost Per Action) advertising, and we on advertising through URL tools URL builder source set for bluewhale (utm_source=bluewhale). In this way, all produced by the ad traffic sources will be denoted as bluewhale

noble baby Analytics report: Visitors – visitors trend visits

贵族宝贝 Utm_source=bluewhale& utm_medium=cpa& utm_campaign=bluewhale_traffic


uses advanced group segmentation flow

here is the time to access data per hour to accurate. Usually, each period of traffic to the site of normal distribution in the day, even if there is a visit >

Check the

before the examination must be segmented other traffic flow and this part of the advertising website, senior group is the best choice. Because we had before the traffic source mark, so you only need to create a group of senior sources equal to bluewhale can separate out the part of the flow.

specific URL advertising form:

refers to the flow of false advertising in order to cheat by people for the operation of traffic generated (manual operation may be click your ad, access to the development of Landingpage, or to complete a simple task. According to the specific circumstances of different forms of advertising to judge. This flow is usually) will not produce any transformation on the site. False traffic may be generated by the program, may also be produced by human flesh. The cost will be higher. Some more intelligent behavior. It is more difficult to prevent.

below have on the ad in the noble baby in the Analytics report to see whether there is a false traffic flow exists. The idea is to check the segmentation of traffic generated by advertising. Then use a different dimension to inspect the traffic. Usually the false traffic is controlled to complete. In behavior will have some uniform characteristics. The inspection method is to find the characteristics of the unified.

flow time

created, in the report, choose to use the advanced group. This part will flow through the whole report. This is also in the preparatory work before the inspection of traffic. To avoid interference with other sources of traffic.

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