when you do have done, this solution will, the next thing is to wait for the webmaster, this time may be very long, but a month or two months, half a year is more likely, but no matter how to please the webmaster or wait two months quietly after two months, if Shanghai did not return the love included, at that time a domain name in deciding whether to

! update!

website is to find and solve the K problem, in order to let love Shanghai updated resume included as soon as possible, we can change the webmaster friends of the chain point of what the chain, but some matters need to remind the webmaster, not to be lazy in a short time to release the chain too much, otherwise not only help website instead, will harm to the site, was only a week old love Shanghai will restore included updates, but you get such a result, also do not know what to wait will return to update

first, we need to find the webmaster site is K site to see reason, why was K

!The !After the

again, to make love to restore Shanghai update included, the webmaster can exchange friend chain with other sites, or send some outside the chain of high quality

this free phone network original, starting from the A5 website, please reprint friend retention related links information: 贵族宝贝86tel.org/

K was found in the cause of website, please as soon as possible to solve the problem out of

do stand for a long time, which will encounter more or less webmaster site is K, if there is the experience of people encounter this kind of situation is better, because he knows how to solve, but the new K station encounter this kind of situation, either pessimistic or give up the site, to replace the domain name, in fact, webmaster don’t be so pessimistic, or anxious to replace the domain name, as long as the following method of operation, I believe there are still opportunities for love Shanghai to recover the included

! !After !

K was in reason to find the site, then we need to do is according to the webmaster site is to find the appropriate solution of K, such as my site is K due to excessive optimization, Fletcher has too many keywords, then the solution is to reduce the number of Web site keywords, and then the amount of optimization; if the site is the cause of K is the space problem, so webmaster best as early as possible to change a space

finally, owners need to be patient, no matter how please adhere to two months

website will be the reason why love Shanghai K off, there must be a reason why, if you really can’t find what reason, can take a look at a few examples of my lift, such as space is not a problem, leading to the site being punished; another example is not the site acquisition over load repetitive content too love is high, Shanghai that is a garbage station; or is not the site optimization excessive, and in a short period of time to increase too much by the chain

… …

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