browse some webmaster BBS, many owners have said why the website is very long to love Shanghai has not been included? Today I Dennis to website optimization share is a wise remark of an experienced person talk about new sites why don’t love Shanghai included.

content is the site to meet the user search >

Love Shanghai included new sites included in the mechanism of

line railway station, the first thing to do is not the website ranking, the conversion rate is not a goal but indexed by search engines. Only the site was collected, then the operation can continue to expand, that is included is the premise of all site optimization work.

first, the recommendation system of Shanghai included love mechanism is the key factors influencing the new sites included.

credit evaluation for Shanghai love relationship with new assessment period interpretation and site quality. Generally speaking, in the three month evaluation period, credit limit cycle is 2 – 4, this time mainly for home reading, the weight of the pages included, over time will be included in other web page. The first credit cycle, if the judgment of website quality to vote will be recommended and included in other pages website, which will effectively reduce the probability of collected garbage data, thus completing the whole website credit assessment period.

as a webmaster we should be clear that the new line needs a general assessment period, usually the assessment period is 1 – 3 months. In case there is no violation of the search engine will not extend the assessment period, the site quality and content in the examination period to determine, once meet love Shanghai included, so Shanghai will not love for oneself with the website "". This also shows that the side, if at this time your site is not included, the website exists drawbacks.

second, love Shanghai included mechanism of credibility is a necessary condition of new sites included.

third, love Shanghai included mechanism of the content update frequency is the new sites included the basic.

for love Shanghai forever we are watching, cannot penetrate the real situation, can only guess from existing data. As for the website included, from the old webmaster experience we conclude that a lot of data, such as the three month study period, for example, in what circumstances would extend the assessment period, such as the love of Shanghai is included mechanism etc.. Many data have repeatedly emphasized that the reason effect of new sites was collected, then what is the impact of those included "


effect, the grade system is the priority among priorities in Shanghai included the principle of love. Comparison of love Shanghai included standard and conditions, it is for a different page, the different industry standard is also different. We want to know, love Shanghai in the network is responsible for an information intermediary role, it is to filter the information, to provide quality content they want instead of spam to users, this is not a personal subjective judgment alone but by voting algorithm to decide.

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