Shanghai Longfeng optimization people know that the chain is one of the factors increase the weights of the website, a website needs to support the chain, since the love of Shanghai after it began Scindapsus algorithm, against the garbage outside the chain! I believe that even the garbage chain or have some help for the website itself, but the effect is not obvious. Zhang Shoujin believes that in the spam chain is undoubtedly in the Internet to create garbage. The influence of the users search experience. For the love of Shanghai has already started the fight, but today there are still a lot of people do make these garbage out! Then we should be how to send the chain? This chain will give you to

time frames to the day before yesterday, because of Zhang Shoujin’s own website more, every day in addition to continue to write original articles to update the site, the chain became a problem, of course, I’m not talking about the garbage outside the chain, but some high quality of the chain. All the Taobao to find those on behalf of the chain store. A stroll down almost all those garbage outside the chain, all I did not go to buy! And inadvertently in a famous group purchase website saw a chain on behalf of the enterprise, a lot of people participate in group purchase, business advertising is also good, described above are website weight 3-8 the chain and screenshots are those! The chain, not you. The price is 108=350, with 50 video chain. All the purchase of the

said above is just a story, but the text is here! Of course which enterprises and the well-known group purchase website I don’t want to come out, do not want to offend people, but can not afford to offend! In the evening after the purchase, second days began to release, said 350, 10 the end of days! And by the second day I went to check the chain of gas vomiting, guess what? One day I send to the chain is more than 300, I thought that one day would send me over it, but the more time a day to see and sent more than 300 to the current third days! Had already sent me more than 1700, hundreds of days is lost later fill up.

I think many people will have to guess what the result is, unless some newly recruited novice! This article in addition to vent their money, but also for the novice to write, but also to the door of Shanghai dragon SR who want to buy the chain write the following first to a map!

? !

I don’t know whether these companies understand Shanghai dragon started Shanghai dragon around service! A day outside the chain hundred, first say other. It is late if you stop it, then let us to send it, whether to send so much, if not up to it, one day before the hundred days, then slowly turned into a few days, a dozen! Love Shanghai will think we are cheating, the right to be reduced, leading to the site >


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