love love Shanghai Shanghai customer service: at present there are love Shanghai auction with 50W users, of which more than 85% per cent of the private medical industry is visible, PPC let them really tasted the sweetness. Now the private medical industry to implement the management form of network bidding + Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, love Shanghai bidding way as burn – seven injuries boxing to hurt oneself, hurt people, but many enterprises do PPC because cost is too high and fall down. In fact, the same amount of money, use it can receive good results.

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is currently the most popular data in CNNZ, 51la, love Shanghai statistics, in addition to the business, is the key in the key. On the day of the dialogue word habits recorded, consider whether to do these words. The love of Shanghai for account statistics related statistics all keywords price, click rate, page retention time. Only with the data report, in order to guide you to the next step, to know which keywords bring you the highest click rate, which keywords bring you the highest return on investment. The two most likely is not the same. There are often some of the less popular keywords, the price is not high, but its correlation >

has some friends are deeply appreciate the popular keywords not necessarily high conversion rate of bidding. Keywords hot, can pass from Shanghai love index (index.baidu贵族宝贝) will be able to know. Like this kind of words, the competitiveness of high cost high, but the effect is just the opposite, can not ignore this kind of word can help you open brand. If you long time to observe the data, you will find that good words often are the ones that are not popular, poor flow of words. PPC ranked the most important search engine advertising bidding service is to stand in the user’s point of view, they think of high demand should be what words, rather than private hospital bidding "treatment", "hospital", "technical" than "symptoms", "cause", "knowledge class" the conversion rate is high, especially in hospital, and area area treatment of the highest conversion rate. Save money here do talk about the medical industry of Shanghai love bidding optimization techniques with high conversion keyword selection, gather here, and some personal views with friends in the process of acquiring knowledge.

hospital industry focus on the related diseases of "treatment of words", "hospital words" and "words", "regional treatment words", "word area hospital". Sometimes the key price is very high, but if the disease value is very high, then your ROI is very high. Consider the price factor PPC keywords ranking should not be too much, and more is to consider the issue of return on investment. For example, the 100 flower class symptom conversion rate is not high words, than to spend in ROI very high words.

second, good at tracking analysis data needs of more users of the word

first, using ROI to determine the choice of what keywords and bidding level

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