domain is used to love Shanghai contains a keyword check web content command. Such as: domain:www.× × ×.Org search results contain the keyword phrase (www.× × ×.Org) of all the web pages. Similarly, domain: Shanghai dragon refers to all the web pages including Shanghai dragon, similar to the direct search Shanghai dragon. If you want to find the number of web content contained in your web site, domain can come in handy.

to write this article before the Shanghai dragon advisor query about love Shanghai official documents, and found no clear instructions on the domain command. While in Shanghai Longfeng consultant study road, Shanghai dragon man told me domain is love Shanghai related to the domain of inquiry instruction, and did not have a thin bottom, still in use.


on the domain domain name is not in the main home may be external link problems. The Links "guilt" effect, external links increasing unsteadiness, the correlation is too weak, too single text will cause a problem. For example, friends of the chain website cheating, is linked to the horse right down is not a normal situation, use Adsense tools Shanghai dragon mass garbage chain is likely to be the cause of the problem, here to recommend two articles: the correlation and universality of the site outside the chain how to grasp and if Shanghai Longfeng have golden ratio, will make you have to comprehend the

Shanghai dragon Encyclopedia of love

of course, if you want to say Shanghai dragon VIP ranked Shanghai dragon analysis to subvert the traditional optimization concept, especially the Shanghai dragon VIP site in Shanghai love down right after the fast.

has a domain command in Shanghai:

mentioned above the domain: keyword keyword and direct search similar to that which we test will know, in some sort of keywords may be quite different. From Shanghai Dragon Technology Blog witnessed 8.23 love Shanghai algorithm updated and many sites are K until now has not recovered weight. Here is Shanghai Dragon Technology of this kind of website not only in-depth analysis, using the site command and the domain command simple judgment.

technology in the site command on the site command to have more thorough analysis, then the domain command can bring us what inspired? The general site optimization personnel often focus on and use these two commands, and sometimes will suddenly find domain: domain name or site: domain name is not in the home. In fact, this time we need to pay attention to the site optimization personnel caused. According to Shanghai dragon consultant industry experience, site and domain show that the domain name is not at home on the home page weight problems, and the causes of the problem very much, we need to analyze from many basic data.

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