Website optimization received

this month 8 days, a tourist site, is a month to love Shanghai home, I looked at the data at the time, think a month time is short, it is difficult to do to the home page, but also did not loss and punishment, so he took a I hope, through their own efforts to do up the rankings, the home is not really don’t care so much, after all, Shanghai dragon this line do not carry out their work in order to improve the rankings, Shanghai dragon is actually improving the site, let users look comfortable, get what they want.

the above article and I hope to help you, and finally attached to the optimization of the website address, I hope everyone to witness the new website and I Shanghai dragon growth and progress (www.balijieji贵族宝贝), such as the Shanghai dragon master can contact my brother, I hope to learn some knowledge of it, thank you, I wish you success in your work!

is not too much, I talk about the problems encountered; line on the site before because of the need to debug more, so robots will be set to prohibit love Shanghai crawling, and then debugged adjust back, follow the normal steps to exchange Links, on the chain, a day, two days, three days, five days what Shanghai did not respond, I really do not calm ah, Shanghai dragon most afraid of is not afraid of low ranking, not included ah wood there? At first I thought it was because of being loved in Shanghai review site, estimated to be released one or two months later, carefully recalled their optimization, and no optimization of violation of Shanghai Longfeng related to bad ah, should not only on this endless review, re search search similar reason was found to be own to dig a pit, robots protocol settings For the love of spiders in Shanghai after Shanghai refused to love will not take the initiative to come to the spider crawling, if you tell a man: "I do not welcome you to come to my house, do not." Then even if he get through other people "XXX welcome you to visit, master of hospitality and courtesy Oh" won’t go to your home, then you need to take the initiative to tell him: "the last thing has passed, we are still good friends, welcome you to visit at any time after my."

means that the robots protocol after the change required manual by tell the spider love Shanghai Webmaster Platform: "my future you can come at any time, so the spider crawling will re love Shanghai website.

know these finally know the problem, these days will soon make love in Shanghai included his own site, after the encounter this kind of also must be careful, rigorous, rigorous, serious work, for every detail do

first met in Shanghai Longfeng share optimization problems and solutions, please exhibitions God common progress, mortal light spray, thank you.


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