soft Wen written, put the soft Wen is also the key to the success of the time, in the choice of delivery platform to.

many enterprises have begun to pay attention to network marketing, and regardless of the marketing practices, write all cannot do without the article, how to write a good article? Today Wuhan Shanghai dragon Zhou Xiang will share with you some basic skills about soft writing and delivery techniques.

an article can attract readers attention, the title is very important, especially with hundreds of articles on the link in a page, if you want the reader to click to read, it depends on the title of the article, in the writing of the title of the soft Wen, the ability of the reader to the psychological, to attract them eye.

3, soft wenyiding targeted, can cause the attention of potential customers

writing the ultimate aim is to add soft advertising information in our article, its subtlety lies in a "soft" word, do not insert advertising information too explicit, or will make readers disgusted, let alone to buy our products. Even if the article was reproduced some websites, many people will directly delete your advertisement information. The successful soft Wen will let readers take the information to absorb in the imperceptibly, inadvertently fallen into a carefully designed "soft text ads" trap, its highest level is to write the advertisement advertisement.

2, soft with a rational, seize the readers’ psychology is the key to

6, the soft launch must be clear, at least to get the maximum effect of

A rational

to write text in order to know the brand and product promotion enterprise, because the target population for each product is different, so write in the soft, people must choose the right, we should end consumers around the product to carry out, make this part of attention is the key to write text.


article is written a soft foundation, from the beginning to the end of the article, the climax should be good to planning. Soft wenyiding straightaway, and stronger consistency. When writing the reader must focus on psychological idea, so soft out before someone, someone read someone reproduced.

4, soft with agitation, let visitors help us spread

5, should avoid inserting stiff advertising products, this will cause the reader

is a high quality of soft, not only to allow visitors to read it, but to convince visitors collection or reproduced, when writing to the first planning, how to write the browsing will be reproduced or collection, this point in writing must be clear thinking. Such as characteristic and practicability, the soft soft in the product highlights highlights the value of collection.

1, a good article, the title is the key to success of

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