Shenzhen was high after investigation found that Shanghai dragon network optimization and bidding work, in fact, not much difference in the wage level. Shanghai Longfeng optimization salary slightly higher, and the wage level in the industry is not particularly high. Reached 3000 yuan in general only about two or three lines of the city, in Beijing, Shanghai first-tier cities can reach five thousand or six thousand yuan, this is not particularly high. Some people even said Shanghai Longfeng optimization salary level is very low, even if you have a longer working experience, if there is no successful case of very large and it is very difficult to get a high salary.

learning optimization and bidding for a lot of people are very good, they can also learn; and have their own website, learn to earn extra money, is the key to improve their wages. These are marketing, how to get traffic is the most important; if the right product, can do their own company, entrepreneurship is a very good choice, two industry prospects are very good.

, many owners in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of a period of time that there was some confusion, feel very confused. No access to the corresponding increase, and stay for a long time did not feel the prospects in this industry, do not know what the future should be how to go. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng optimization and have good prospects, we must have confidence in it, Xiaobian for everyone to make a comparison.


but Shanghai Longfeng wage can not optimize the staff that, because these optimization personnel often have their own independent website. Their income may be much higher than their wages, and have more business opportunities for the practitioners of entrepreneurship and the work gap is still very large, the success rate of entrepreneurship is higher than that of other industries. Do marketing opportunities for success are high, because there are still differences between different in their work, some of the health care industry in Shanghai Longfeng optimization and bidding two kinds of work are very good, they are very important to the company. A lot of medical industry is profiteering, and flow become their biggest problem; Shanghai Longfeng optimization and bidding are they important traffic sources, but also they are important ways of promotion.

Shanghai dragon

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