soft. Not out of the ordinary herd

common 2 soft writing method:

is a primitive man, still stuck in the soft stone age, because we have no real understanding of text. You just stay in the soft for understanding: to attract users, information publicity drainage, promote your website, provide useful information, to induce users to help users and imperceptibly into your influence, user. The story is false, or is not entirely correct. What kind of ideas will be what kind of text. Your level of understanding is not the same, do not the same as the natural result.

bring flow, bring the chain, benefit. Only the added value of the soft, soft and not a real role. These additional value are the benefits of this soft Wen burst out. The purpose is to allow users to generate resonance, a deep sense of identity. Which detonated the core points.

soft for a fatal mistake, because we believe that text is to bring the flow of. The chain can bring to us, let us think is soft promotion, is not the kind of idea, in fact, from the beginning, we are on the soft core understanding is wrong, from the beginning of this kind of thought brings us to the gutter.

soft coreThe soft

is to be able to cause the user core resonance, call the user’s identity, and this identity is based on the user’s subconscious, this identity is not a new term you created, but this sense of identity in his life, itself has this consciousness, and in the most common call us life consciousness. According to your opinion sparked everyone’s sympathy. Which leads to serious identity, leading to an enormous amount of forwarding rate and attract, thereby detonated you of this article.

soft Wen is not conformity? Is you can’t talk to everybody is the same, so we write, you write so soft, write again good literary talent, has no meaning, because you see by the user, is of no significance, soft Wen is not conformity, should be a soft. Soft Wen is the thought of violence should be able to win. The idea of the soft Wen is all not mentioned, and you suddenly put forward this idea. This thought is true.

2, second copy is copied, here a little, there a little copy, put it together. Then a change.

we also remain in the soft stone age What is the name of the Why do we have

1, after reading the articles of others, with their own understanding and write an essay in it. This is the first, the common methods of soft writing.

soft for own understanding of error

Why do we say


what is the final purpose of

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