1, a pile of keywords timely delete, if you’re in the near future to add to the keywords in the title and the website ranking declined, then the problem may occur when you add a keyword in the title is deliberate, we should put him removed in the first time, to restore the original title set.

2, do not deliberately increase keyword density. The density is depends on the natural and reasonable arrangement, deliberately increase keyword density, although it will not be K, but the ranking will certainly have an impact on the.

3, the chain set keywords, pointing to the page, use the link is too single.

4, use hidden links, hidden keywords to the background color of the same font, reduce users cannot recognize.

3, use chain diverse settings. Don’t just like pointing to the page page, should refer to different pages according to different keywords. Key words also >

, a slight level optimization over

website optimization, often the keyword ranking dropped slightly, a few days is a snapshot of stagnation is slightly excessive optimization characteristics. Many webmaster in the snapshot stagnation period, always to increase the chain to get a snapshot of the update, in fact, the search engine does not update your snapshot itself shows a problem, make website search settings optimization engine that can be set, this website, deliberately stack keywords improve keyword density and the increase of H tag, chain pointer keywords single, single description. The general characteristics of minor level optimization over reflected is usually with a natural decline is basically the same, but is this kind of normal decline, if not properly handled, the small volume is large, the site will eventually face the most severe punishment. That is how we decide which optimization is a slight optimization over

5, keywords ranking decline, traffic is relatively lower.

? ?

with minor level over, from what aspects we need to solve the disposal of

Optimization of

1, recently in the website title keyword stuffing.

2, Keywords tag and description tag in order to optimize and increase the number of keywords to improve density.

every day to optimize the site, sometimes made small mistakes, making the web page or excessive ZhengZhan optimization and be punished for this, of course we previously can be controlled, just ordinary people.? but when we are looking for to solve excessive optimization method, we have to understand the main features of optimization excessive and each kind of optimization over what kind of characteristics, because the general optimization is not excessive excessive is a serious point. The optimization over divided into mild grade, grade, serious level for the optimization, these three grades over how to judge, and how to solve? Today I told everyone on this topic explain.

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