mom, as long as you have a website, but also have a certain traffic flow, it does not require a large, generally 100ip can be approved, so that you can put your mom in advertising on the site to make money, but according to the observation, Ali mother put advertising really to love Shanghai included effect, because we all know that Taobao and Ali mother belong to Ma, but Taobao recently blocked the love of Shanghai, so Shanghai to love mom is not very friendly, and Ali mother’s income is not very good.

said yesterday the novice to build their own website to learn what to say, write an article about how to optimize the website advertising articles that we have today to talk about


1, advertising alliance: for the novice, want to make money through the website, we must first understand the advertising alliance, currently do a good advertising alliance is a noble love baby Adsense, promote the theme of Shanghai, Ali mother, these are relatively large, relatively good reputation in the advertising alliance. Here we compare the three advertising alliance:

C) don’t put.

a) people not to see the ads and visit your site, they are content. If you use a very bright color of your advertising, the border is very coarse or eye-catching pictures, so visitors can easily recognize the advertising result is to ignore them.

noble baby Adsense, this is the most suitable for beginners, but also advertising revenue better, but for the noble baby Adsense want to apply for new sites through it, not easy to have a certain content, has a good flow through.

love Shanghai, the threshold is higher, the novice like me did not dare to apply, so income is not very clear.

b) if your ads at the top or bottom, or in a corner, the advertisement is nothing, also let them have to occupy your web space, because no one will notice them.

2, advertising techniques: novice here to say, what is this? Advertising skills? What skills? Just a place to put the code is wrong!! imagine you the following ads on the site, and in the navigation bar below, which is easier to be concerned about the people what? Click rate is higher, the answer obviously! Then we should be how to optimize advertising? The following me:

so, for the novice, choose which advertising is more appropriate? My advice is: no noble baby Adsense account in the novice before, which are not appropriate, which are not. After a certain flow, a noble baby Adsense account, we’ll start advertising to obtain benefits, so for our novice advertising alliance is the nobility of the baby Adsense


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