recently a lot of people website ranking dropped, many reasons of course rankings off, the basic common here is not listed, mainly talk with positive energy related, for a long time, the love of Shanghai is considered a liar in the big VAT, this has been criticized by Shanghai in the 360 years of love, the birth of last year, 360 is a medicine has been attacked in Shanghai recently 360 weakness of love, seems to have launched a good doctor, seemingly also transfer positive energy, so from the recent search results, love Shanghai in this respect also vigorously improved, after all, there are now 360 of the soldiers, on the other hand also in Shanghai ahead of the spur of love.

this is a training people’s website, a few days ago in the group asked why his ranking dropped, this man, he is also writing some connections, but also some connections, so of course we don’t have a good answer ah, after all, people older than us together. I don’t know what specific reason, but I think this is the site of the title, description, we believe that before the search results must be quite common, but when you go to the search now basically has not seen this, this website ranking basically all removed from the top, and the title of describe the words above: in one market can not find the exclusive, free of charge, the annual income of 100 thousand of the money skills of the lurid headlines, believe that most people do not think that is Liar, previous search results in a large number of filled with such content, in the love of Shanghai dragon sea training input box, figure is not caught, we go to see the ranking results, Shanghai dragon why accounted for three, accounting for a Wang Tong, Shanghai dragon VIP accounted for one. Shanghai dragon ZAC accounted for one, and A5, 28 push. Careful analysis of these sites under the back, behind the Shanghai dragon WHY is Cardiff, Shanghai dragon ZAC ZAC Hui, Wang Tong would not have said, behind the Shanghai dragon VIP is Liu Huanbin, A5, 28 is Shanghai dragon big industry forum, but also for the vast number of Shanghai dragon friends often go to places, some are positive the result of energy, as they are the characters of Shanghai dragon, also has the positive energy transfer, like Shanghai dragon WHY had occupied the three position estimation we also dare not imagine before, when also often emerge some SRO training sites, rankings are also quite good, like what is collect, MOON Shanghai Phoenix, these I believe we have heard, but that reputation with the above is more than the poor, they are often synonymous through fraud, when However, to remit is already being dealt with, this adjustment, MOON Shanghai dragon has also been adjusted, the ranking also went to the hundred outside, did not dare to say one hundred percent is the reason, but I guess this is the reason there is, but Shanghai is also in love before the optimization results, when you search for a word of Guan Jian the home page, it is all >

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