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believes that many grassroots AdSense for the unfavorable factors dreaded, because this is no way to resist their own, such as the hand of God wanted Adam and Eve’s descendants who suffer suffering, to bless someone give someone! Many people suffered human intervention, had to change policy, to replace some keywords. Is lucky to be able to recover in a short time! For this disadvantage, for personal webmaster, can only rely on their own holistic optimization method, and try to make each influence website ranking are good, so even if the encounter love Shanghai manual intervention, as long as you can get the user experience of the website users love, it is not certain rely on the love of Shanghai, like Taobao did not love Shanghai’s support is still alive and well! Is the so-called man proposes God, the net Shanghai Longfeng station optimization to achieve perfection because love Shanghai artificial intervention by K station, that is "adverse piebald not passed away!"

is actually a lot of people have psychological defects in different degree, but some defects will affect the development of personal websites, such as some people are impatient, see a few days did not rank their own website, will leave Cleveland, go! So naturally there is no way to success, and some people think is slow, anyway. The site is long-term, so every day things drag on, people one day after that, they can on the whole month, so the site can only be dragged dead last! So for some psychological defects of the website, or from the start to improve the psychological quality, or have to leave the ranks of the webmaster

is going to fight to keep step with, to keep full power, if the striker to retreat, but the ranks behind the assault, which does not require the enemy to attack, their casualties would trample on each other half! So do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, if a team is lacking spirit of cooperation, so the work efficiency is not required to meet the natural progress more, can not use a piece of power, this factor or not optimization, the optimization is excessive, always caused the overall optimization are not met, so for the influencing factors, the first to have a leadership team leader, and then the quantified assessment on team formation, regulations >

webmaster itself


optimization team lacking spirit of cooperation

: if the hand of God’s love of Shanghai artificial intervention

two: the psychological defects of

Sun Tzu have cloud, a country not only to do the enemy but also well known, the earth and the sky represents the influence of external factors, the two armies confront such as weather, terrain, economic strength and so on, only the external factors with the comparative analysis of the strength of the two armies, to be victorious, for Shanghai dragon website optimization, but also learn to know the weather knowledge, find the impact of website optimization Shanghai Longfeng adverse external factors, which will be transformed into these negative advantage, so the website optimization can achieve full success! Then the impact site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of external factors which have

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