the user click Custom records, we know that one-box and similar search results very attract the user’s eye. Because long-term love Shanghai does not support sitelink, so Er is the major domestic Shanghai dragon as the research focus. But Sogou and 360 involved in making love in Shanghai made a rapid response.

The current mainstream



We all know that

love Shanghai although the rapid on-line sitelink, but soon withdrew. Because of love, Shanghai has its own brand promotion box page, so with the sitelink red and suspected sitelink withdrawal. But at the same time change is love Shanghai logo display site began to appear. I found in the comparison of the 360, Sogou and Google, the former two, technically still lags behind Google, at present can only display the link and title, and can not display the description of a link. In addition when the same page of Google with a word appeared in a number of sitelink, sitelink in accordance with the old version of the display.

Google has launched two new and old versions of Sitelink. In view of this, we know that small sitelink four links, no description of information display; and sitelink can not only display description information, the link will also increased to six. In fact, the current Google sitelink can increase to 12 links.

search engine.

Figure 2: the old version of Google

sitelink first appeared in Google. Recently, Sogou search also launched 360 and sitelink, as the domestic search market giants love Shanghai but in the on-line less than three days after the revocation of the emergency sitelink. So exactly how sitelink appears, and will produce what kind of impact on the user

Figure 1: Google

sitelink trigger

version of the sitelink trigger

although the reasons at present a lot of Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster of sitelink put forward many assumptions, but at least 28 push this case, Sogou and Google links is different, this can explain should Never mind and in the chain and the chain structure of the site framework. In addition different search engines in the sitelink scale is certainly different, 360 search for a much smaller scale, while Google’s scale has been considerable. The most plausible explanation is that the sitelink user experience, search engine based on keyword search, click on the page number, click results become the final probability, bounce rate and retention time data to determine the user experience, and then through the other aspects of a comprehensive decision.


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