from the above data contrast can be seen, the accuracy of site than.

three, with sea index query data:

from August 14th to August 17th love Shanghai site collected data, as shown in Figure today (August 17th) the blog included the number 30, with the manual included almost identical.

query site included value is the webmaster has been concerned, although the number of sites included not representative of a website is good or bad, but we all know that a website if included more for keywords in ranking will likely be more big, especially the long tail keywords, sometimes an article can make a long tail keywords in the rankings, the introduction of a lot of traffic, so the precision of the collection as a webmaster attention points.

two, site query volume:

is a part of the data. The article (link) the total number of 110 articles, including columns and page number included in these pages, 31 papers, 79 papers were not included, the above A representatives have been included in the article, B included the corresponding URL, C said the date included.

site cited the peso more "value"

site is a kind of method we included conventional query values, also included a query before the only method, obvious errors appeared in July 19th site, Shanghai’s official pointed out: love site problems in the recovery efforts, and indicates that site is only an estimate value, suggest that we use the index tools love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, indexing precision query. In order to find out the real website included, personal blog station manual included query, site query and index query, and the comparison of the three data:



website: how many pages in the site can be used as candidate search results, while the site is through the filtered data, obviously the index amount than site. We can take the index as the number of search engine in the US, and site is consistent with the content included after the crawl, the index of the amount of data when it can be included, can only wait for the love of Shanghai included the judgment standard; there are individual website site number included how far the index amount.

from the last 10 days of data, with the sea index amount is 90 or so, there is a certain gap from the real! From the comparison data of the three can do the following analysis:

The number of


index more than site

why?The index refers to the

, a manual contains the query results:


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