love Shanghai first to grab a large amount of data, and then from these numbers.

we will often see a great publicity, in a forum, tell you the core algorithm is love Shanghai. Then you point in, 100% of the title of the party, tell you or three, we despise such people today? This cannot be said is absolutely the core love Shanghai algorithm, but it will give you a different feeling. So, what is the core of Shanghai dragon

? Recently often search for a word, or a word frequency is relatively high, then love whether Shanghai will also take the same ranking? Through the above, we see, love Shanghai first through a large amount of data, and then extract some features, and then ranking using this feature.

love Shanghai, we can often observe the top twenty results returned to love Shanghai, and known, so this requires us to the top twenty were recorded, observed long time, observe their included, website construction, keywords layout, update cycle, the speed of the chain growth, the growth rate of the reverse link, and the frequency of love Shanghai every update, all of these can come through observation and analysis.

2, we can observe this feature library is out of

If the user is The more data

1, love Shanghai collected, its algorithm is more accurate, like antivirus software, they will collect each kind of virus, and the virus is added in its database, and then put these features as a virus and then compare. Love Shanghai algorithm is the same reason. All the data they collect in the industry, including the collection, reverse link, website structure, user clicks, the use of process performance. This is we all know, there is something we don’t know, then they put these factors together, made a feature library, and then all of the website ranking.

I often search your keywords which is in the affirmative, then certainly better than the real users, then love Shanghai put this rule to grab, then when I found the key words, the ranking in front. This is more conducive to my quick access I often go to the website.

The core algorithm of

this morning, I love Shanghai open search, keyword ranking optimization I enter the home page second, some small pleasure, but recently I have been listening to the love of Shanghai added to the algorithm, or use the computer analysis of the factors, I went to my colleagues on the computer search, indeed, the page is still ranked second. This allows you to think of what

two, love Shanghai also joined the use of people


, a Shanghai love comes from the accumulation of data

What is the core of the summary

Shanghai dragon? Please look at this


This feature library Analysis of

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