all the technical background, purely from the perspective of sense, the first thought is definitely better than the original time, reprint the content appeared earlier. The 1 hypothesis by the website A original, reproduced by Sina, and other major sites have reproduced from Sina, a reprint of a time appeared on the network. According to statistics, the search engine is currently only found that included the entire Internet about 30% of the data, and this is an astronomical figure, in the case of limited resources, the search engine can achieve the real-time monitoring of the entire Internet information, and Sina became the original 1.

August 10th, love Shanghai stationmaster clinic open day, many webmaster mentioned original content website was judged to be Shanghai love to reprint website reprint, judge as the original problem, but Lee also said the improved algorithm identification of original content website will be. See: August 10th love Shanghai stationmaster clinic open day issue highlights.

users are already accustomed to looking for the information they need through the search engine, the search engine user tools, general users seldom care about the source of information, the information itself is concerned only to meet the demand. The vast majority of users do not care about the information of the creator, do not care which comes from the website. If the user through the search engine to Sina or other large Sohu website, virtually on the strengthening of the trust of information. Even if the information is not the original large website.

second, according to the copyright information, more and more articles with copyright, although many unscrupulous reprint will remove this information, but there are always people who leave this piece of information, the spider to identify the original and reproduced according to the copyright information. Good in theory, in fact, there is no >

search engine:

followed in August 11th, Google announced a significant change to the search results, reduce the infringing website ranking, Google received a large number of sites on the copyright holder infringement notice, will reduce the site search results in the rankings in Google. Search engine traffic entrance as the Internet’s most important, shouldering the linked websites and users, users, search engines, web sites into a mutually beneficial symbiotic system. However, as the original content search engine difficult to judge in the end what impact will the user and the

search engine service object is the user, rather than search engine website; the primary task is to provide valuable information for the user. Users don’t care about the original information, however, the search engine in order to maintain the fairness of search results and the whole network environment order, must determine the original and reproduced in a complex network, more of a large number of high quality original content website weight and better rankings, bring more traffic; down right on the reprinted copy the web site. But it is the premise of the search engine to identify the original and reproduced accurately, not only for the love of Shanghai, even Google, has not been able to achieve satisfying.



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