Lenovo has been in the domestic firm and firmly occupy the position of PC manufacturing industry overlord, but as Chinese PC industry Lenovo and overlord, does not meet the background of the financial crisis in 2005, Lenovo to $1 billion 250 million cost of the acquisition of IBM’s global PC business highlights Lenovo to global expansion ambitions. We all know that Lenovo to enter the European high-end market is not easy, the largest threshold is from European and American consumers for Lenovo brand recognition and acceptance, because in the European market still exist such as apple, HP and DELL finalsrespectively, so think about united by their brands to enter these markets is not easy.


in recent years, as the domestic PC industry overlord Lenovo and not much action, the focus of the industry gradually shifted from the body of the association, the association was quiet. However, rumors of Lenovo to buy BlackBerry message, so that the industry will look into the body of the association again. Compared to the domestic market, Europe’s high-end business market of oil and water more, occupied most of the domestic market share, Lenovo also like from the European market share. We know that Lenovo can use BlackBerry and IBM to expand the existing market, so the market will be how to deploy the Lenovo

reportedly, Lenovo will acquire Blackberry mobile phone manufacturers. This is the second time since the 2013 Lenovo executives told the media suggesting possible acquisition of BlackBerry ideas, which led to BlackBerry’s share price was up ten percent. As the most powerful personal computer maker Lenovo, if the acquisition of blackberry, will bring the

silent overlord: Europe and the United States market strategy to show its ambition to deploy

in the face of such pressure and difficulties, the acquisition of European and American existing brand has become the best way to solve. In Europe, the IBM and the BlackBerry brand has been accepted by the user, through acquisitions, Lenovo can expand the use of existing brands. IBM is a veteran of the U.S. computer science and technology enterprises, with the technology and market of hundreds of years of accumulation, the relatively solid foundation. The BlackBerry is a part of Canada’s brand in the United States, the 911 major events in the United States Blackberry mobile phone communication system paralysis, by virtue of the advanced idea of keeping communication state and is the president of the United States to receive various information and send commands, the famous blackberry. Currently Blackberry mobile phone shipments have reached 115 million units, has been recognized by consumers, has become a leader in the industry of intelligent mobile phone.

IBM ThinkPad of the commercial production of popular commercial people welcome and blackberry once as a leader in intelligent mobile phone market, but also by the majority of business people of all ages, if the acquisition is Lenovo blackberry, the deployment of market pattern computer and intelligent mobile phone > commercial market in Europe


brand strategy: the intention to enter into the high-end market


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