wants to take on the first and the 360 world knows this way, so for the love Shanghai invitation fee based sitemap project, 360 with a tit for tat strategy, that is the introduction of free sitemap service, this service can help to solve some technical problems, but also helps to optimize the effect of Shanghai Phoenix website. The 360 is to see the defects of love Shanghai Adsense service to attract owners to enhance the support of 360 and 360, rich search database, which is 360 to optimize its own database engine has a certain role, but also won the Webmaster Help, this win-win situation let the webmaster increase to 360 favorability.

The launch of When 360 But

360 to Webmaster Platform mainly is in order to promote the development of small and medium-sized websites, the Internet may now more out.

is not used because of love Shanghai affinity policy on the station, which makes the 360 saw a tortuous walk self-help city surrounded by rural road to prosperity, after all the webmaster role or those on the Internet, no form of making them hard and diverse, rich and colorful content sites, not rich the network life now, so the relationships and the webmaster, have the webmaster support, it would be a good decision.

shouted slogans after Shanghai broke the monopoly of love, once so many webmaster and insiders feel very excited, when love Shanghai alone big, many webmaster related industries such as industry and industry and Internet related will be constrained by the love of Shanghai, especially the large number of webmasters, do not want to site expectations are placed in Shanghai love this one basket, but with the love of Shanghai on 360 down, 360 ‘as soon as the rain in the boat, and now can only search engine "and" heating.

love Shanghai relying on themselves owners used by the means of Mathias, even with a rather manslaughter thousand people also did not miss a Henjin treat those webmasters cheating, which naturally it is easy to cause the webmaster resentment, but are silent resentment. Because if a website is full of some negative news for Shanghai, so the site optimization of the road also love Shanghai even come to an end.

360 full please webmaster, love to put pressure on Shanghai

360 and even after Google and Sogou alliance did not bring a stronger competitive advantage, also because these companies "huaiguitai unified camp", have the interests of the tangle, naturally it is difficult to form a cohesive force, rely on allies to beat Shanghai love this road also go, how to do, then study Chairman Mao’s thought a great city surrounded by rural road.

to promote the free sitemap project let owners benefit

development services, depth to attract webmaster support

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