our URL address is on the search engine optimization, will directly affect the site included quantity. The URL address can be divided into dynamic and static and pseudo static address. Remove the dynamic pages, we can say that the static and pseudo static page or on the search engine friendly. And in the three address form, we have to get to a problem, that is the length of the URL address.

is composed of a series of URL. Related to the lifeblood of the site optimization URL site. Perhaps a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will meet the content quality is high enough, the chain is not lost, but the page is not included, or included a few. In fact, a lot of the reason is the result of URL site, this paper will be based on their own situations, analysis of three common URL error structure.


URL address length The site structure of our

: a

as shown above, is a site I encountered, this is an old station, the site itself has 5 love Shanghai PR value, the weight is not official, but the data also show that at 6, it can be seen that there are still some search traffic, the overall weight can still see. But a so high weight on the site, there are some of the links on the home page is not included in the search engine. What is the reason? In fact, many experts have said the Shanghai dragon, URL length will not too long friendly to search engines, the author thinks we should streamline the site may on the length of the URL address. At the same time, I think the URL address is best not more than 70 of our English character.

depth URL addressThe structure of your site

we can generally be divided into: the home page, column page and the content page, according to their position in the URL address can be divided into: the root directory, the content page, column. URL address based on this mechanism which is the most friendly to search engine. But this is our structure can not be so simple. We address URL may be: the root directory column directory, directory, directory, sub section time table of contents. We can easily find a URL address for example, such as 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ab/cd/abcd/120510/abc.html this URL address. Obviously we can see that the URL address of the depth is 5. This depth may users have to click five times to get to this page. In the view of the search engine, URL address so deep to cheat the user clicks. At the same time is not conducive to the search engine index. The author thinks that the URL address of the depth of our general best kept within three class, such as the URL address A5. As shown below, so that we can get better search engine trust, improve the site’s weight.


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