website is the complement of the whole site, high quality and low flow to high flow and low quality sites can obtain more orders. The site in the early promotion operations spent a lot of energy to increase website traffic and guide the user, then the next thing to do is to improve the site’s conversion rate. To create value, so that enterprises in the commercial competition to break out. How to order from the promotion of transformation, a rabbit combined with their own practice to talk about my views:

Three. ?Extension and transformation of

people rely on clothes horse saddle. Communication with customers, our products are connected. Product quality is the core, it is the first to see the product packaging. This is the most direct visual user experience, and a good product, the user can arouse the desire to buy, to impress the consumer desire to buy. Online website display, truly talking pictures, online customer service center has a timely and effective service to users, allowing users to buy goods without worries. The formation of a complete product experience.

The development of website. product experience.

communication is the first time everyone trust, which is the foundation. Our business online and client communication need is trust, only will have any interaction with each other. Brand building will make us closer, reduce the cost of communication. In the promotion of brand is very important. Any brand can not be ignored, improve the site conversion rate is no exception. The popularity of the website, credibility, reputation and positioning are determined by the website of the final product conversion rate.

is a brand

has a lot of work to do in the promotion, establishment of stations, shaping the external reputation. Including Post Bar, topic, news, public opinion guide products. The station of publicity to the product requires a bridge, can do JS jump, can be nested, but to do so, "


traffic into

is a rapid development of the Internet industry, often there will be a variety of new, updated quickly easily due to forging a successful, and quickly occupied the market.

and the age of the Internet, many enterprises have their own website. It is often said that in the era of the Internet, if the boss does not understand marketing, the enterprise will die. This prompted many executives to network promotion. But many sites did not achieve the desired results, often bosses began to love Shanghai auction, micro-blog marketing, network alliance to promote a series of methods, to increase their exposure in various online. The final results combined with a variety of advertising and promotion that website, also have a certain reputation, but did not improve the product orders. Many enterprises began to confusion, do not understand what the website can bring what they. The enterprise website promotion is not just a money No one shows any interest in, promotion to a few customers stopped advertising, website and back to a previous state. This is why

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