in June 30th, I published an article on the Shanghai love big update article in A5, the results of the second day login account that was clicked on thousands of times, and now click more is up to 2600 times, this may be the link appears in the A5 home page, and on the other hand may be due to many master of my argument does not agree, I think is a good word to say for the love of Shanghai, from up to 100 times more "bad" and find out (not letter pictures).

actually I sympathize, can well understand webmasters may after the big update blow, but I still have to declare, I said is the truth, and today by some authoritative information official found I love Shanghai, before the judgment was not a mistake, in order to avoid being considered "love Shanghai" I will collect the original screenshot on the bottom (see the picture please save to your computer and then enlarge the view) to see themselves, or love Shanghai official original address: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/ thread-6533-1-1.html.


it is not difficult to see, the love of Shanghai is determined to rectify the Internet information, for the long-term collection, copy, reprint of others in the website, I’m afraid this will mean the end of the countdown website. There is also a fact that is also very clear: it is this kind of website if the big update is love Shanghai deal, I am afraid it is difficult to restore, this fact may be for this kind of webmaster is not a small blow, but had to face, to find a way out; but this kind of survival in this updated website, I also suggested that as soon as possible ahead of response measures, as mentioned in the article "the low quality site measures have been effective," can say "is not reported, but not yet.".

in addition, through the article can see, for some ‘fire’ website, love Shanghai is not entirely responsible, so their anti cheating team gives some remedial measures to address; 贵族宝贝tousu. Baidu. Com/webmaster/suggest (a modified dot), so if they think that their website is being wronged, can submit your information, as far as possible to recover some losses.


said that, some people may still not be reconciled, some people even think that I love Shanghai, but I write these articles only one objective, that is hope to help you, and we hope to work together to learn and improve, common progress, so I want to borrow the last time in this paper a comment: in life and work, there are indeed many unfair, how about that? If we still need to continue to live, you need to learn.

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