is one of the typical methods of publicity, no matter what the site will always love it. However, the chain effect is good, but the survival rate of the chain is always depressed people. In the same time is money a day, how many people can spend in this department to determine the input? Construction may also spread over a station, but if they can only afford to buy much?.

C: Links exchange platform


with the promotion website after the release of life is inevitable, there are ways of promotion station station, station station has extended road. However, even so, but the promotion of traditional methods is still amazing from the Pope, but relative to the large sites with a high degree of authority more in.

The chain of

: a traditional chain lift method

B: Post Bar, forum propaganda

website optimization is to do a good internal and external process, can revel in homeopathy search engine ranking. Shanghai dragon, do optimization, optimization is optimization including structure and content, optimize link popularity in abroad. However, if the promotion website ranking effect, the popularity of the chain is relatively easy to enhance the website weight, it is often referred to as the "imperial optimization". In the website optimization process, often there will be some unexpected problems, and search engine to kill, how to avoid or minimize the probability of manslaughter? The author thinks that the high quality of the chain is a popular "free umbrella for site formation". The chain do more in place, the probability of kill is smaller, of course, the premise is the website does not exist serious cheating problem. Don’t question the chain really so magical? In fact, the construction of the chain is only to ensure the foundation of a free, and then on top of this website and internal optimization, and effectively improve the website ranking.

website has the authority to submit Dmoz, hao123 open directory, which can effectively improve the quality of the website chain, so as to drive the overall weight of the site to submit. But the station still has its own way, such as the recent A5 Tuiyou network is open to all large, medium and small site to provide a classification submitted to the directory, not only has a higher weight, more important is the construction of a high quality of the chain channels for the grassroots, PR weight, can be ah.

For example

still too much, even if the search for "love Shanghai Links" can see countless Links exchange platform. Generally speaking, also do not submit too many pages to submit is submitted, or because the weight is relatively good, not many high ranking sites, are not high and the weight itself to give you a slice? A day to register, the day can at least leave hundreds of the chain is not difficult. Owners often do the chain difficult, refused to go to work, then the simple things are difficult.

classification directory submissionThe


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