see a lot of people will comment on success of rain for more than 400 Links, through the circle of links to constantly accumulate weight. This reminded Ethan, rain Shanghai dragon did it have so many Links at once? The general webmaster know, even if the weight of the high site, if over fifty links, the weight is very small, basically see a website with sixty or seventy will not be changed, the behind those stationmaster why with one of their own what good website Links? Ethan thought of a new intelligent DNS technology — last year, this technology is through the IP source distribution of different entrance, because Telecom, Netcom lines, telecommunications users access Netcom server site, often appear the website cannot open the phenomenon, similarly, so is access to telecommunications netcom. The application of intelligent DNS, according to the judgement of the source IP is telecom users or Netcom users, and then give the analysis to the corresponding IP site, which is convenient for users to use. The rain and Shanghai dragon can do so many Links, is likely to be

this is a black hat Shanghai Longfeng practice, believe that the rain Shanghai dragon didn’t want their website to less conspicuous position, but Links cycle weight and the chain of those uncontrollable factors, when a large number of people into the eyes of the rain, Shanghai dragon in yangmingliwan will bring love Shanghai note that after all this circle is the sensitive region of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai. Love Shanghai must also fundamentally on the weight of Shanghai Longfeng rain source, is also very easy to find it.

using this technology, the distinction from the love of spiders from Shanghai IP and ordinary users ip. When the IP when judging from the love of spiders in Shanghai, Shanghai dragon resolves to a very good website optimization, and determine the IP from ordinary users, resolves to a user experience good site. In this way to change Links words, each other to see the site is one of only a few Links sites, and in fact, the rain submitted to that station love Shanghai has hundreds of Links. This is the reason why we only part of the information analysis to rain Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and it is difficult to find out the real reason of the rain to the Shanghai dragon ranking first.

in July this year, the Shanghai rain dragon to Shanghai dragon world A new force suddenly rises. a shot in the arm, especially when his website before the row to Shanghai dragon WHY this three years champion of martial arts overlord, defeated this has been regarded as not beyond the myth, is caused by a strong pursuit. A lot of attention to his website, have worship, learn…… indeed, at the beginning of the July, the rain of fire in a complete mess. Ethan also began to notice the rain at this time, to his station after a series of analysis, the number of useful value that is not, the feeling is not what the basic rain station optimization. But why can be routed to the first

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