small talk Title charm of the secret, what is it? It’s similar keywords also can bring a lot of traffic sources, but also can create business for us, in fact, this article before the theme is A5 through another article. And he used his way to tell the wrong key but the idea of this article is not the same realm, because different embedded in the title keyword can let you have another way out.


application, these keywords will be used in Taobao can bring huge traffic for their goods, after all, Taobao is a big market, there are too many dragons mixed goods, and for these goods if only in accordance with the normal keyword ranking if you don’t believe in any case fortunately, you want to get in front of the ranking and flow, then you can also exception keywords to rank it for yourself, I simply said that his approach, and his thoughts.


second: the title wrong keyword using




1) QQ yellow " " and QQ " drill; yellow brick; " story, search for "QQ yellow brick", the highest monthly sales business for the "5916" pen, and this error is not the key competition is so difficult, you can see through these screenshots, sometimes wrong and close keyword can bring unexpected benefits and value for you.


: the secret of Taobao keyword title first application

2 " ") of snow and snow; spinning; sweater " imitation " sweater story, Fang, a tone can make different costumes bring different benefits, have to say for the novice sellers drainage method, a word wrong can bring more different effect at the same time. Also bring more business opportunities for themselves, in the Taobao traffic to get more and more difficult, it is a kind of method to study.

for a new station, can use some wrong keywords to get ranked so as to bring their own intention to flow, when a popular keyword, not only will lead to long tail keywords, and will lead to wrong keyword more, flow tendency of the wrong keywords is often ignored by us. It is a good grasp in the traffic sources and the trend of this one; there is a place where you can use, that is love love Shanghai Shanghai index, index analysis, and then create a flow error page for yourself, then the author of these simple examples. >

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